The Greyhound Chronicles, 6

Art & Life at the Greyhound Station

Three months ago, Sally Marbry conceived the idea to transform a utilitarian electrical box in front of the Greyhound station in downtown Redding into a piece of public art. This 18-part series is a chronicle of her work and her observations of life on the corner of Pine and Butte.


Part 6: Hear no Evil

August 7 Hero Dave pressure-washes sidewalk before I arrive. He points out the antique plugged drain by the front curb that will be filled with concrete soon to avoid  scary paraphernalia that plugs that little grate. I paint wood grain and shield my imagination.

Tony points out new crashed glass on café door. Now it will have to be boarded up. Darn. Stunning 30’s door. The sleeping and peeing alcove days are numbered.

A guy stops by and gives me a tip on creating texture with saran wrap. The Barber, kitty-corner in the brick building, comes by and chats. He has been around forever, just like Tony.

Notice that women never comment. Only the men. Amazed at the quantity of people who hang out to smoke that have no visual awareness.

August 9 Sidewalk lookin’ good and smellin’ good. Lots of people today, young and old, traveling.

First woman comes by to comment on process. She gets excited about idea to paint a treasure chest for her grandchildren. A teenager comments, “I thought dead people were in there.”

People squat or lean against the building. Too hot inside. Too hot outside. Taxi, with grinding bearings and exhaust, hovers by my curb to talk in her cell.

To be continued…

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Visit Sally on September 12 on Pine and Butte as she reveals her electrical box turned masterpiece as part of September’s 2nd Saturday ArtHop.

sally-marbySally Marbry has shared her fine art, ceramics and sculpture skills as a teacher, product designer and interior designer. For the past year, Sally has been the host and writer of “Home Zone,” weekly on KLXR. She also chairs Viva Downtown Redding’s Design Committee, which spearheaded the public art and street beautification project. Reach Sally at Earth2Sal@charter.net.

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