Whatever Happened to Bosco?


I wrote a blog about the "things my children won't remember." One of the products I mentioned was Bosco Chocolate syrup. To my great surprise there was a comment on the blog from Scott Sanders, who just happens to be the co-owner of Bosco Chocolate Syrup. He posted that "Bosco is still around! You can buy it at most supermarkets in the NYC metro area and other places on the East Coast -- and on our website at http://www.boscoworld.com."

In addition to ordering a case of the different flavors, I contacted Mr. Sanders, and he graciously agreed to participate in a Q&A piece for anewscafe.com. Our conversation is  below.

Thank you for agreeing to talk to anewscafe.com about Bosco.

First, I have to tell you how surprised I was to see your comment on my blog about "things my children won't remember."

Q: Let's start off by solving a mystery. How did you find my blog on ANewsCafe. com?

I'm quite glad to contribute to anewscafe.com. I found your blog via an automated Google Alert that scans the web for mentions of Bosco.

Q: For someone that may not know about Bosco, could you tell us a little about the history, current products and how did you come to be co owner?

Bosco was created in 1928, when it was developed by a Camden, New Jersey physician and was sold by the William S. Scull Company. In the mid-1950's, Bosco was sold to Corn Products Company. In 1985, the brand was taken over by Bosco Products, Inc., an independent company based in Towaco, New Jersey, owned by my father and me. As you know, Bosco has a rich heritage - and carries with it childhood memories for many Baby Boomers. In addition to memories of moms mixing Bosco with milk as an after-school treat, many "children-at-heart" remember Dick Van Dyke, "Tex" Antoine, and Virginia Graham as Bosco spokespersons, as well as the Bosco Chocolateers, Bosco Clowns, Bosco Rabbits, Bosco Bears, and more.

We currently sell Bosco in the original chocolate flavor, strawberry, berry blue, dulce de caramelo, and sugar-free chocolate.

Q: Growing up in southern California, I remember fun commercials for Bosco and enjoying the chocolate syrup on ice cream and in milk.. Why don't we see it in California anymore? Is there a particular region where Bosco has a strong following?

Over the years, Bosco became a regional item, with its strongest following in the New York City metro area. Much to my chagrin, chocolate syrup isn't as popular as it was years ago, and the reduced sales volume doesn't warrant large-scale advertising any longer. We are marketing Bosco in new, creative, cost-effective ways today. We are working hard to find new distribution for Bosco. It is cliché to ask, but it really does help: Ask your grocery for Bosco! We find that when regular people ask the manager at your supermarket to carry Bosco, it often helps us out.

Q: What do you see for the future of Bosco?

A: We are continuing to make the great-tasting Bosco Chocolate Syrup that so many people love. Our team is seeking out supermarket and other stores to carry Bosco, and we're working hard to keep the memory of Bosco alive for kids of all ages.

This year, we'll likely launch a new website that will make it easier for people to order Bosco directly and to provide information for their local supermarket manager to order from us. I'll let you know when I have more details.

Thank you Mr. Sanders, this was fun. I am enjoying my case of Bosco and sharing it with friends who remember the product from our childhood.

Scott Sanders can be reached at Bosco Products - scott@boscoworld.com -  or on the web at boscoworld.com/ or via Twitter at twitter.com/bosco

earned a master's degree in social work and enjoyed working with diverse populations for over 30 years. She is a stroke survivor and is assisted by Bailey, her service dog. Darcie has been married to Jim since she was 17 years old. They have two grown children.
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49 Responses

  1. Mrs. Beans says:

    Yea for Bosco. I love Bosco. I feel young again!

    • Carl says:

      My last name is Bosco, so you know I heard that song a million times. Bosco is an Italian name meaning forest. ( I ran across a one man band act in Kona Hawaii who calls himself Bosco the Magnificent.)

  2. Canda says:

    As a Bosco Baby Boomer, and daily chocolate milk drinker, I'll never forget that wonderful syrup. No other chocolate syrup quite compares with B-O-S-C-O!

  3. someone's gram says:

    remember the song?

    i hate bosco, bosco's bad for me. mommy put it in my milk and tried to poison me.
    but i fooled mommy and put it in her tea. and now i have no mommy to try and
    poison me!

    we sang this song everytime we dipped into that round glass jar of chocolate goodness! thanks for the memories

    • Grammalyn says:

      I remember the song, and was afraid to post it – LOL! I didn't want Scott mad at me!

      Wonder how stuff like that got started???

      • Janet Reyes says:

        LOL! I have to laugh. I was thinking about my childhood today when I saw something about the Girl Scouts and it started me on a little nostalgic trip. I started thinking about some of the songs we learned at camp and decided to write down the words of those I can remember. That turned into jotting down every ridiculous song from childhood that came to mind, and that included this one! You have no idea how tickled I was to see this thread, knowing there were others who recalled this silly and twisted song from yesteryear.

        Boy… it sure was a different time… songs about being poisoned by your mother and turning it around on her… hahaha! Ironically, I think it was my folks who taught us kids that song! Everyone seems way too uptight to teach stuff like this to kids today. How sad.

        Thanks for the smiles and memories!

      • Janet Call says:

        I have been trying to remember this song for years. Thanks.

  4. Jan says:

    I just bought Bosco for the grandkids….why should they miss out on such joy here in California….

  5. Trish says:

    I'm 25 and I've never had the pleasure of tasting Bosco's chocolate syrup. In fact, I only know about it because my mother passed on her Bosco teddy bear that her mom sent off for when she was three. I think it was a "Send in $2.00 and a Bosco's lable" kind of ad. I've had my bear since I was a baby and I've always wondered what ever happened to the product that created my favorite teddy bear. I'm so glad to hear that I can still order the chocolate syrup and can't wait to try it out with my son!

    • Zach says:

      How was it? LOL

    • Kathy says:


      I have had a bear for almost 50 years that I have always believed was a Bosco bear. I have searched on line to see if I could find a picture of one so that I could be sure. Mine is light brown, with a big head and short arms.

      • Cheryl McCann says:

        does he have a little red shirt, or did he? i cant believe you have him !! I have been searching for one online forever. you are so lucky ! when my little brother was born, our neighbor, who was a grocery store manager, gave him one as a gift. It became his security/comfort item, like some have a blanket, etc. He always rubbed his ears to fall asleep. he actually still remembers him. over time, the ears had no fur left on them, lol. at some point, during a move, bosco was sadly lost. i have been trying to find one to buy him, even though he is a Dad himself now, I think he would love it ! I would love to hear if you find another !

    • Julia says:

      That's so great that you've had him all these years. My dad's mom threw his away when he was younger. I have been trying to find him another one for ages. Feel free to say no of course, but I just have to ask. Would you be willing to sell your bear? (completely legitimate offer) Thanks for reading me out. -Julia

    • Stephen says:

      Can you send me a picture of your Bosco Bear I had one when I was a kid and always try to describe it to my family.


  6. Zach says:

    I actually only heard about Bosco while watching Laverne and Shirley. Sadly, so many products we love and adore from when we were young sometimes fade and all we have are memories. I am only 35 and there are several I can recall that are no longer made or are regional and just cannot be purchased -short of some traveling; which is not easy to do.

    While on a vacation in Atlanta Georgia, I stumbled on Bosco at a supermarket there and bought every bottle they had. Believe it or not, it was even on sale -although I would have paid ANY price to just have some and try it.

    Thank you Mr.Sanders for continuing the brand and while I am certain it is business and an income for you, for those of us who grew up with these products and or never had the opportunity to try them (but want to)….. People who still care enough to produce the brands make it happen.

    *Now please get Bosco to Indiana! Northern Indiana….*

    Thank you!

  7. Jerry says:

    I loved Bosco when I was a kid in the 1950s. I wouldn't drink milk without Bosco in it. I'm now 61 years old and my friend's little boy, 8 years old, loves chocolate milk. I Googled Bosco just now to see what ever happened to the product and was pleased to find out that Bosco is alive and well, at least here in New York. I'll have to buy some again and share it with my favorite eight year old. I'm sure he'll love the taste.

  8. Philbert says:

    I used to put Bosco on everything. Parakeets aren't as fond of chocolate as one might assume. Still, Bosco is one of those things you remember fondly. Anyone out there remember the cartoon character, Bosco?

    • chris says:

      I am trying to find out that answer right now also. What group was he with, show, etc. thanks…

      • Philbert says:

        Well, the character was actually called "Bosko" and he was a star of the first Looney Tunes cartoons by Warner Bros., he was a little black boy who spoke with a Southern "Negro" dialect and has, obviously, not fared well over the ensuing decades in re-runs. The cartoons were all over TV in the 50s and 60s what with there being dozens of "Kiddie" shows digging through the cartoon vaults looking for programming. I think they quit producing Bosko cartoons in the 30s and I don't recall ever seeing one done in color.

    • Loren Pomeroy says:

      Bosco, cartoon character from the 30s, was one of my favorite cartoon characters when I was a kid in the 50s and the old BW cartoons were being recycled on local kids' TV shows. I used to love how he ate a sandwich. It wasn't until I was an adult and looked back online at a few Bosco cartoons that I realized the racial aspect–something I totally missed as a kid.

  9. ED says:

    Chocolate milk in early 60s was important!! 🙂

    I found this after I got a thought of an old Bosco the Clown plastic cover for the glass jar. You would take his hat off to pour…..

  10. Denny Strock says:

    Why hasn't anyone mentioned Pick Temples Giant Ranch? I wouldn't have missed an episode of this very early TV show, just to have a Bosco flavored drink, and watch Pick Temple lick the spoon!


  11. ruben says:

    I have a Jar of a 1950 bosco milk amplifier, It uses only pure cane sugar not high fructose corn sugar which ruins the taste of anything that uses it. And the malt extract is higher in the ingredience list, which explains why I can not taste it in your product.

  12. A Schwartz says:

    I remember as a child we use to say "Shit on a stick with Bosco" Maybe that could be the new slogan 🙂

  13. bluebunny27 says:

    I'll always remember George Costanza on Seinfeld loving Bosco so much he used it as his secret ATM bank code in a special episode … that was so great !! 🙂

  14. HC says:

    In Washington DC, WTTG-TV5 had a childrens program called Captain Tugg. Here is a clip from that show with an embedded commerecial for Bosco Milk Amplifier:

    • HC says:

      The commercial is at about 3:47

    • robin cook says:

      To HC : Thanks so much for uploading the video of Popeye's Capt Tugg. If you close your eyes and just listen, it almost sounds like Johnny Carson playing Capt Tugg (?). I don't remember seeing that program, but then we didn't get channel 5. We got channel 6. I was always so jealous of my neighborhood friend because she lived up the street on a hill and got TWO channels. But that was the sixties for you.

      Incidentally, a few weeks ago I found some BOSCO accidentally at the BIG LOTS near where I live in Georgia; but I have to warn you, it wasn't as good as I remember. Try that out. And while we're being nostalgic, does anyone remember those straws that had the chocolate powder on the inside, so there was no mixing to do. At the time, I thought whoever came up with that idea must be a genius …. can't remember what they were called.

  15. Nancy says:

    Bosco brings back grand memories…and since I live in NY, I'm lucky to find it for sale. I just adopted a rescued rottie and named him Bosco Bear–the perfect name! Too bad he can't taste chocolate.

  16. amy says:

    My dad worked in the grocery business when i was born and the Bosco vendor gave him the display bear for me.. 40 years later i still have him.. very stocky with short arms and legs and an oversized head. rubber nose and mouth..

  17. Jon says:

    I googled Bosco and come upon this site. I have often wondered why and how such a popular product, with a LOT of national advertising, could just disappear from the market! Can you imagine, Frosted Flakes, or something else like that, just disappearing from the market? We ALWAYS had Bosco at my house, late '50's and early '60's.

  18. Dorothy says:

    Unfortunately, they don't sell it where I live, so a $2.00 bottle of chocolate syrup, will cost me $15.00 to have it delivered. As much as I love it, I'm not spending $17.00 for a 22-oz bottle of syrup! Anyone heading to Kentucky???!!!

  19. Susan says:

    My Grandma had told me about Bosco last week, and I can't wait to try it! She liked the song too, "I hate Bosco"

  20. You can find Bosco at Stater Brothers Supermarket in California.

  21. Chris Ruchti says:

    Many Thanks again for you

  22. Richard P says:

    Thanks! Good info and comments after. If you pay the grocer, they will put anything on the store shelf. The huge companies use payola to squeeze out everybody else. Good to see Bosco still in business. Bosco is coming back around Evanston Il Jewel and some Milwaukee stores as well lately.

  23. Peggy says:

    I loved Bosco! As a small child, I had to have my tonsils taken out. I was so scared, and upset, at the hospital, they could no calm me. I had my Bosco bear with me. They asked , if Boscoe goes through the xray, and doesn't cry, then would I? Well, it worked, and for many years, my mother had Bosco's xray. Then on vacation, I had forgotten him at the pool. Though when realized, it was late at night, and in a thunder storm. I became so upset, my mother made my older sister, go and get it anyway. Lol This was like 1963 though. Bosco got me through a lot. Loved him, love the memory. Would like to buy one now, but can't find any. Who ever it was that created the company, bear, etc. Thank you!!

    • Jeannie says:

      I have an original Bosco Bear. He is about 2 ft tall, white jacket ( a beige now from aging), a red B on his chest. I would like to sell him to a good home. Please contact me if you're interested.

      • rnb says:

        hi there,
        i’d be interested in your Bosco Bear if it’s still available.
        do you have a picture, please?
        thanks very much!

  24. Jeannie says:

    I remember my dad telling me of the Bosco salesman coming into his CA grocery store on a regular basis in the 1950's. One time there was a promotion if the store ordered 10 cases of Bosco you would be given a Bosco Stuffed Bear. Well my dad did and I still have it. He is very old but in good shape. I'm looking for a new home for him. I need any suggestions on how much he is worth.

  25. Rob Roberts says:

    Ah, BOSCO……… How well I remember that wonderful treat. It's funny, I was setting here doing a little day dreaming of treats I loved as a child growing up in New Castle, IN. It got to the point I would not drink milk unless it had Bosco in it. Then in 1960 we moved to Indianapolis, IN and during that move I spent the Summer in Florida with my grandparents. In Lakeland, FL they had never heard of Bosco so 1960 was the last time I had that wonderful treat. Sure did miss it and as an older baby boomer, I still do.

    I am happy to see that the company is still in business but sad because it is not here in Indianapolis.

    I like Bosco, Bosco's good for me mommy puts in my milk………………

  26. Nancy Ann Rhinehart says:

    Am so happy to have stumbled upon your website. Bosco has so many childhood memories for my husband and I. The Main Reason we love the name "Bosco", our first Chihuahua was Chocolate, thus, he inherited the name. He is in Rainbow Heaven with his brother, Poncho, our Black Chihuahua. Our Red Chihuahua ia nam

  27. Aaron Woodall says:

    I don’t know if you are still trying to find Bosco syrups any longer or other places it is sold. I am military living in Germany and Bosco Chocolate Syrup is sold in almost every grocery store in Kaiserslautern Germany. No one ever buys it though. It always has dust on the tops. Don’t suppose Germans are to keen on American chocolate since, well it is Europe. But main stores that carry it are Globus, Real, Aldi, Kaufland and Cora which is in France. Hope this helps!

  28. Can I buy Bosch in michigan

  29. Is there anywhere near me that may sell Bosco ? I think I know of a perfect outlet for you. That would be Food Lion. They have stores all over and would be a great expansion of your market. They are based I believe out of NC, but do have a distribution center near here in Greencastle, Pa.

    • aNewsCafe.com is headquartered here in Redding, California (the northern part of the state), and the only time I’ve seen Bosco is at discount stores, like Big Lots. No Food Lions here. 🙁

      • Carl says:

        There’s a fellow that lives here near Yosmite that claims he wrote the Bosco theme song (Clair something is his name ) I was able to find Bosco chocolate bars in a hardware store in Fresno, of all places. I used a lot of the stuff in the ’50s, on Wheaties, in milk etc. (my last name is Bosco, meaning forest in Italian)

      • Sherri Anderson says:

        I found Bosco today in our local Walmart in Mesa, AZ. I finished shopping with the “I hate Bosco” song running through my head! I learned the song in Girl Scouts back in the 70’s and there was a second lyric about daddy putting Bosco in my mik and I put it in his beer. Wonder if anyone else remembers?

  30. Cindi Watson says:

    Didn’t Bosco package one year in a dispenser that looked kinda like a soldier in the 60s?   I seem to remember that and it is how the chocolate syrup spots ended up on our kitchen ceiling.

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