List Is Long, Time Is Short

mortarboardIt’s my first week back after Spring Break, and it has flown by! And it isn’t the only thing. Someone recently pointed out that summer is a month away. I’m graduating in a month! I always thought high school would crawl by, that I would be completely prepared for graduation, and I wouldn’t be caught by surprise. My four-year sentence is a month away from completion, and I had no idea until yesterday. There’s still so much I have left to do, and no time to do any of it. I still have to get my transcripts sent over to Shasta College. I have to set up an appointment to see a counselor, and there’s a month-long waiting list. I have to find the elusive P.E. teacher at my school, and get her to change my grade… from two years ago. She still hasn’t fixed it.

Then, of course, there is the Lions Club speech. Tomorrow. And I’m ridiculously nervous. This is for a $4,500 scholarship. My parents and I desperately need that money to pay for my college, and with that much, it could easily pay for two years at Shasta. So there’s no pressure, of course.

I haven’t even mentioned all the things I have to do for school. We just started the major three-part final for American Studies (English and History combined into one class). The first part is the biggest, worth almost 1,000  points. I have to do an enormous painting, almost 2×3 feet, showing America’s history through the wars we have fought. I have two weeks, starting today, to finish it.

In Art III, I have to finish two more projects before the end of the year. In Imaging II (a digital photography class), I have a project due today, and I’m not even halfway finished. Trig/PreCal is the only class where I’m not stressed to the breaking point. I want to hug whoever decided seniors don’t have to do STAR Testing. Everyone else has to study for it, so I’m using my time wisely.

For once.

Mary Kelman is a senior at Anderson New Tech High School in Anderson, Calif., and an intern at anewscafe.com. She is documenting her last few weeks of high school.

Mary Kelman

interned at anewscafe.com in 2009, documenting her last few weeks at Anderson New Tech High School before graduating.

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