Corner Booth: Blow Up The TV

Unplug the televisions and video games next week, and remind your kids to go outside and play.

That’s the message of the TV Turnoff Challenge, which runs April 27-May 1. Shasta County Public Health is sponsoring the event, which urges kids to find activities that get them up and moving.

“Kids already sit at school for five to seven hours a day,” said health educator Theresa Rickard-Borba. “Two-thirds of American children are not active enough to remain healthy, and studies have shown a direct link between obesity and excessive television watching.”

During the TV Turnoff Challenge, students can pledge to give up television, video games and the Internet. They will be asked to keep a daily log to show the activities they enjoy while being screen-free. Those who complete the logs can be eligible for prize drawings.

“On average, children aged 2-17 years spend five-and-a-half hours per day in front of screens, including three hours of television and two-and-a-half hours playing video and computer games,” Rickard-Borba said.

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  • Speaking of unplugged, it appears that CalTrans is still having trouble with its EagleCam, which shows the nesting eagles near the Highway 44 construction project in Redding.  The local paper reported that recent transmission problems had been fixed, but the EagleCam’s Web page wasn’t working this morning. If you want to check in occasionally to see whether the feed is up, click here.
  • Mark your calendars, ladies, for two events next weekend. Local clothing designer Wil Curtis puts on a free fashion show at the Martin Luther King Jr. Center at 7 p.m., Saturday, May 2. (For more information, go to On Sunday, May 3, KIXE-TV hosts its annual Mother-Daughter Tea at 2 p.m. at the Shasta Senior Nutrition Center, 100 Mercy Oaks Drive. Tickets are $20. Call 243-5493.
  • Even if (like me) you couldn’t care less about baseball, you’ll enjoy the heart-warming story of a 100-year-old man who’ll be an honorary batboy this weekend for the Boston Red Sox. Arthur Giddon served as a batboy for the Boston Braves (and met Babe Ruth) back in 1922. Read more here.
  • In other news related to Boston and balls, how about them Celtics? By the end of Thursday’s 107-86 drubbing, the Chicago Bulls had the wide eyes and stunned expressions of car-wreck victims.

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