Too Many Places to Go; Too Many Things to Do


Dear J,

I’m a dumb-ass. Once again, I’ve double-booked a friend’s event over a quasi-work event. I hate to let either one down. I swear, I have calendars everywhere, and I use them, but there’s a lot going on.

What should I do?

Everyone who feels like a dumb-ass when they do this, raise your hand! See, it happens more than you think.

This is a wonderful opportunity to be honest and forth-right. It feels quite good, actually, so this is what you do: just tell the truth. “Gosh, I’m sorry, but I inadvertently agreed to be two places at once! I’m afraid I had already committed to another event when I said I’d be at yours. So sorry, but thanks so much for inviting me”.

Is it crackberry time for you, so you can see instantly if you’ve double-booked? If not, maybe this is a sign that you’re saying “Yes” to invites when you’d rather be doing something (or nothing) else.

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Dear J . . .