Wally’s World: No Surprise


The President’s stimulus package passed the House of Representatives with no, zero, zilch, zip, squat, nada votes from Republicans.

Of course, our man in DC, the Honorable Wally World, maintains his utterly perfect 100% recording of voting with his party. 

He is the epitome of a party loyalist.  What about his constituents?

He hasn’t voted for us once,  Not once.

The Stimulus Plan is trying to rescue and recover millions of lost jobs. 

The way you stimulate the economy is to spend money.  We are on the way to the “Big D, Part Deux” because nobody is spending and nobody is lending so the holy supply side is not selling.  The plan adopted is no one’s favorite child.  It has too little spending (especially at the state and local levels) and too much tax cuts which, by general agreement of the reality-based economist community, is not the way to jump start a comatose economy.

What is Wally’s problem with the plan? 

Well, it spends money!  Gee whiz, where was your parsimony during the Bush years, Wally?  You voted the party line on every war and boondoggle that Tom DeLay and John Boner(sic) put forward. 

You only vote ‘no” on things that help your constituency, like S-Chip and jobs creation.

Remember Wally, 2010 is just next year and we will be coming for you with lots of facts and votes.

Greg Winters is a Redding attorney.

(Update: This Associated Press story reported that President Barack Obama signed the $787 billion economic stimulus bill Tuesday.)

Greg Winters

is a Redding attorney.

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