I Hate My Boss


Dear J,

I’m in a job I love, but I hate my boss, who’s a control-freak tyrant who will never leave his position because he makes a ton of money.

I know I should change jobs for my own sanity, but jobs are hard to come by, and I’m afraid that if I leave this job, I might end up in one with an even worse boss.

Hmmm, this is one of those opportunities that the universe sends to souls who wish to grow. You say that you love your job, which is a wonderful thing and not as common as it should be.

I am guessing that, in the grand scheme of things, there is something here that you may learn about yourself that could change the way you perceive your boss or your situation. You did say, “I hate my boss…” so let’s see what gift that statement holds… Does he remind you of someone? Does the situation remind you of something in your past? What could you learn from this person (who is somehow the boss and you’re not)? In other words, let’s not take the boss and WHO HE IS so personally.

My suggestion is that, on a fairly regular basis, but especially when you find yourself seething, that you go home and write down all the things you’d love to say, do, have happen to this person. This will relieve your stress, boost your immune system and begin to reveal what your soul wants you to know about this situation. Please, these musings are NEVER to be shared, in fact, you may destroy them immediately upon completion, you just need to process the thoughts and feelings.

I trust that your boss has no problems with you, since you still have your job, so this one’s on you. You have an opportunity to grow here, because you will continue to meet this person in changing venues until you resolve your antipathy, and gain understanding, which you will, if you are willing to walk through your life with an open mind and heart.

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Dear J . . .

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