Thursday’s featured dancers: Chita Johnson & Logan Grimes


KRCR weather reporter Chita Johnson is the partner of professional dancer, Logan Grimes.

Q: How have you prepared for our first practice?

Well, I’ve bought my dancing shoes and am ready to move! I’m hoping Logan is prepared for the challenge of dancing with my two left feet!

Q: We will each dance a disco and waltz number. Do you have any songs in mind?

NO! Was I supposed to? … I’m already slacking.

Q: What is your previous dancing experience?

Does dancing in your room in front of the mirror count? (Just kidding!) I grew up taking jazz and hip hop!

Q: Do you have a recurring Dancing with the Stars nightmare?

No nightmares. I’m actually pretty excited!

Q: Which couple do you think will be the toughest to beat, and why?

Um, Logan and I, OF COURSE! (Joke.)

Q: Any idea what you'll wear for your dance numbers?


Q: Would you like to share a before-practice message for your professional dance partner?

Let’s WIN … and have some fun!

Q: What's your winning strategy?

To shake what my mamma gave me - haha. To listen to Logan. He’s the professional!

Q: Have you had any moments when you've had cold feet?

Piano recitals, BIG TIME. It was DREADFUL!

Q: Anything else you'd like to say about this event?

I’m so excited! We’re going to raise money and have a great time doing so. I’m so thankful that I’ve been included in this fun event for the Shasta Women’s Refuge.


Logan Grimes is Chita Johnson's partner.

Q: What's your dance experience?

Two years with Club Cougar dancing as well as an assortment of YouTube video tutorials.

Q: Tell a bit about yourself, please.

I went to state this year in track with my 4x100 team (along with Cole and Kyle Johnston and Brady Gallagher).

I play soccer, ski and enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, camping and backpacking.

Q: Do you have a recurring Dancing with the Stars nightmare?

The stage is made of ice and I'm dancing with Don Burton.

Q: What couple do you think will be the hardest to beat, and why?

Kathy and Les. Kathy, who most of us learned ballroom from, keeps a few tricks up her sleeve just for ballroom emergencies like this one. Les just seems like he's deceptively quick.

Q: What's your plan to help your partner dance well?

Ask for help. Keep friends close and enemies closer. The problem is, my enemies in this competition are my friends.

Aside from that, just try to keep both of us relaxed and focused before the competition.

Q: What advice do you have for your partner, especially since he or she might have limited dance experience?

She actually has more formal dance experience than I do, overall. I just know more about ballroom (at the moment).

I'm sure we'll learn from each other.

Q: Anything else you'd like to say?

It's party time. P, A, R, T. Why? Because I gotta! (Quote from "The Mask.")

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  1. if chita is even half as hot on th

    e ice as she is to watch on tv she will melt the ice!

    good luck chita we will bw watching! careful on the melted ice! lol

    • Dear Scott,

      That post about Chita was from last year's Dancing with the Stars. No ice involved, but she was spectacular. (Maybe she'll return to this year's DWTS for a guest appearance.) Here's a clip of Chita Johnson and Logan Grimes performing their number, "It's Raining Men" … Enjoy! 🙂

  2. Duh. I forgot the link. Here it is: Chita Johnson and Logan Grimes perform It's Raining Men. (hope this works 🙂

  3. dang. will fix. be right back. 🙂

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