Author: Douglas Craig

I live in Redding, Calif., where, along with a thousand of our neighbors, our home was rudely and suddenly consumed by a wall of fearless flame and summarily reduced to rambling heaps of sad ashes and shattered shards of her previous pride, scattered and strewn about carelessly in the solemn space that once comprised our ordered, routine and predictable life;

“After a mistake, any mistake, there is a moment that pleads for someone to say it wasn’t. And in its place, explain how it all fits in the grand design. That is what we...

We are all confused in this world. We desperately need certainty – some way to figure out who is right and who is wrong. We want to know who is good and who is bad so we know who to love and who to hate. We sort ourselves into our different teams or tribes and join the endless war where everyone knows their truth and talks and shouts at the same time and no one hears. No one listens.