Each Flag Represents 1 Shasta County COVID Death.

Shasta Interfaith, an association of 23 diverse faith communities and associates along with the City of Redding, are presenting an exhibition to honor those who have passed from COVID in Shasta County.

This exhibition features a white landscape flag representing each death that has transpired in Shasta County due to COVID with a banner describing what the flags represent.

The exhibition is at City of Redding, 777 Cypress Ave, Redding, on the hill along Cypress Ave just east of the main entrance into city hall. This makes the exhibit visible to those driving on Cypress Avenue.

As of February 17, 2022, 545 people in Shasta County have passed from COVID. The exhibit will be in place for one week.

COVID has impacted many people globally. The purpose of this exhibit is to honor the people and the families of Shasta County that have been impacted through a loss of a life due to COVID.

Shasta Interfaith reached out to the City of Redding to co-present the exhibit inviting all of us in the community to pause and acknowledge in honor those who have passed and have experienced loss due to COVID.

Joanne Snyder

Joanne Snyder is a north state artist and retired high school math teacher.

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