1 Death and 139 New Cases, Asymptomatic People Pass on Half of All New Cases


Latest numbers from Shasta County Health & Human Services.

COVID-19 INCIDENT UPDATE: January 20, 2021
Statistics from January 19, 2021

Total Confirmed Cases: 9,750

Hospitalized in Shasta County: 52

In Isolation: 448 (estimate)

Active Cases: 500 (estimate)

Confirmed Cases Tuesday: 139

Currently in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU): 7

Available Regional ICU Capacity: 30.5%

Released from Isolation to Date: 9,127

Negative Tests Tuesday: 564

Number of Tests in the Past 14 Days (+ and -): 8,842

Total Tests: 131,726

Deaths: 123

• We had 139 cases Tuesday, including 67 men, 70 women and 2 of unknown gender:
– 9 children under age 13
– 17 teenagers
– 19 people in their 20s
– 24 people in their 30s
– 20 people in their 40s
– 23 people in their 50s
– 11 people in their 60s
– 11 people in their 70s
– 4 people in their 80s
– 1 person over age 89

• We are sorry to have to report one death today. He was a man over age 89.

• People over age 70 only represent about 11 percent of COVID-19 cases in Shasta County – but more than 50 percent of the people who have been hospitalized and nearly 80 percent of those who have died from COVID have been over 70. Because this population is more likely to get seriously ill or die from COVID, we need to vaccinate older adults first. People 75 and older are eligible for vaccine now, and people 65 and older will be eligible on Feb. 1. Supply is still limited, but please watch www.ShastaReady.org for information on how to get vaccinated.

• This report includes a weekly update to our total case numbers, as we have been conducting case
investigations to correct reported cases that were duplicates or out-of-county records.

A recent article in the Journal of the American Medical Association estimates that COVID-19 positive people with no symptoms have passed on the virus to more than half of all new cases. This reinforces the importance of wearing masks, staying 6 feet apart and washing hands frequently, as people often do not know they are sick before they give the disease to others.

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