10 COVID Deaths, 181 New Cases

The latest numbers from Shasta County Health & Human Services.

Total Confirmed Cases: 8,574

Confirmed Cases Tuesday 1/5/2021: 181

Negative Tests Tuesday 1/5/2021: 576

Negative Tests To Date: 111,341

Total Tests to Date: 119,915

Currently Hospitalized in Shasta County: 51

Currently in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU): 10

Available ICU Capacity: 24.4%

In Isolation: 546 (estimate)

Active Cases: 597 (estimate)

Released from Isolation to Date: 7,888

Total Deaths: 89

• We had 181 cases on Tuesday, including 79 men, 101 women and 1 person of unknown gender:

– 10 children under age 13
– 9 teenagers
– 31 people in their 20s
– 42 people in their 30s
– 18 people in their 40s
– 22 people in their 50s
– 24 people in their 60s
– 15 people in their 70s
– 7 people in their 80s
– 1 people over age 89
– 2 people of unknown age

• We are sorry to report 10 deaths today. They are a woman in her 50s, 5 women in their 70s, 2 women in their 80s, a woman over age 89 and a man over age 89.

• All deaths included in Shasta County’s incident updates are caused by COVID. Death certificates also list other conditions that contributed to the person’s death. For example, a person may have died from COVID because an underlying condition (such as COPD) made it impossible for them to recover, but they would not have died from that condition at that time if they hadn’t developed COVID. In other instances, COVID may have caused a condition (such as blood clots) that led to the person’s death, which would not have happened if the person had not gotten COVID. Each of these cases are considered COVID deaths as noted on the death certificate by the attending physician or coroner. If someone were COVID positive and died of something unrelated, such as a car accident, that person would not be included as a COVID-related death.

• This report includes a weekly update to our total case numbers, as we have been conducting case investigations to correct reported cases that were duplicates or out-of-county records.

• The vaccine rollout chart at www.ShastaReady.org (click on “Vaccinations”) does not include several segments of the population because the state is still finalizing where they fit in. The chart will be updated as new information is confirmed. Shasta County remains in Phase 1a, Tier 1, and is expected to move into Phase 1a, Tier 2 next week.



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