3 Deaths, 126 New COVID Cases in Shasta County

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COVID-19 INCIDENT UPDATE: December 29, 2020
Statistics from December 27 and 28, 2020

Total Confirmed Cases: 7,918

Hospitalized in Shasta County: 42

In Isolation: 375 (estimate)

Active Cases: 417 (estimate)

Confirmed Cases Sunday and Monday: 28 Sunday, 98 Monday

Currently in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU): 4

Available Regional ICU Capacity: 27.9%

Released from Isolation to Date: 7,428

Negative Tests Sunday and Monday: 663

Negative Tests to Date: 106,617

Total Tests: 114,535

Deaths: 73

• We had 126 cases on Sunday and Monday, including 57 men, 67 women and 2 people of unknown gender:
– 3 children under age 13
– 9 teenagers
– 25 people in their 20s
– 27 people in their 30s
– 17 people in their 40s
– 18 people in their 50s
– 15 people in their 60s
– 5 people in their 70s
– 4 people in their 80s
– 3 people over age 89
– 0 people of unknown age

• We are sorry to report 3 deaths today. They are a woman in her 70s, a man in his 80s and a woman over 89.

• Shasta County remains in the purple (“widespread”) tier, but our numbers continued to improve this week. Our adjusted case rate decreased from 41.0 to 29.9 daily cases per 100,000 residents. The unadjusted case rate is 33.0, but was adjusted down because the county’s per capita testing volume is higher than the state average. Our positivity rate decreased from 8.4% to 6.3%. Robust testing has brought our positivity rates and our adjusted case rates down, and continuing to do that will help us get out of the purple tier. Find testing resources at www.ShastaReady.org; click on “Get tested.”

• You have the power to protect yourself and your community from COVID-19. CA Notify is a voluntary, secure tool to notify people if they’ve been exposed to someone with COVID-19. Once you sign up, you will only receive alerts if you were in close contact with someone who tests positive for COVID-19, and who also has CA Notify turned on. Your privacy is protected as your identity is not known and your location is not tracked. iPhone users can enable Exposure Notifications directly from Settings: Open the Settings app, scroll to Exposure Notifications, turn on and select United States and California. Android users can download CA Notify through
the Google Play store and follow the prompts to activate. Learn more about how this works at canotify.ca.gov.

-from press release
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