2000 For 2020 Black Friday Sock Drive

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Sunrise Redding, local hub of the national Sunrise Movement, in partnership with Shasta Mutual Aid, is proud to announce the “2000 for 2020 Black Friday Sock Drive” to benefit homeless citizens and those in need in Shasta County.

Every year when the wet weather begins, dry socks become a much-needed item for those without the benefit of a roof over their head. The difference between wet and dry feet can be the difference between life and death in the winter. This year, Sunrise Redding and Shasta Mutual Aid are teaming up to gather 2000 brand new pairs of socks for those in need, two pairs for every homeless citizen in the county!

Going Black Friday shopping online or in person? Snag a deal on some new socks and drop them off at Boheme Salon & Spa (961 Dana Drive) between the hours of 11 am and 4 pm Monday through Saturday or Redding Fashion Alliance (1698 Market St) from 11-4 Wednesday through Saturday. There, they will be collected by Shasta Mutual Aid to help someone out in the months to come.

Socks must be new and unworn, should be crew- or calf-height, and should preferably be a wool blend or cotton blend designed for wet weather. Questions? Contact Dash Waterbury, Sunrise Redding Hub Coordinator at 530-209-2964.

Special thanks to Aly Evirs, Jan Kearns and the Shasta County SPUSA.

-from press release
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