11 Children Among 87 New COVID Cases As Shasta Readies for Purple Tier

Today’s numbers from Shasta County Health & Human Services.

COVID-19 INCIDENT UPDATE: November 5, 2020
Statistics from November 4, 2020
Total Confirmed Cases: 2,375

Hospitalized in Shasta County: 17

In Isolation: 99

Active Cases: 116

Confirmed Cases Wednesday: 87

Currently in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU): 4

In Quarantine: 377

Released from Isolation to Date: 2,226

Negative Tests Wednesday: 788

Negative Tests to Date: 66,845

Total Tests: 69,220

Deaths: 33

• We had 87 new cases on Wednesday, including 34 men and 53 women. The new cases are:
11 children under age 13
3 teenagers
16 people in their 20s
16 people in their 30s
9 people in their 40s
18 people in their 50s
11 people in their 60s
3 people in their 70s

• Shasta County’s shift to the purple tier takes effect at midnight on Saturday, so businesses would need to switch operations first thing Sunday. The complete list of required changes is at www.ShastaReady.org (select “Roadmap to Recovery”).

• Question: Can you test out of quarantine? Answer: No. The incubation period for COVID-19 is 14 days, so close contacts of positive patients need to be quarantined for the full 14 days to ensure that they are not infected.  About 15 percent of our positive cases in the past week had been on quarantine, which shows that the strategy works – if those people had been going to work, school or visiting with friends or family, they would have been unknowingly exposing many others to COVID-19.

• Have you tested positive for COVID-19? You can take action right away to stop the spread. If you’ve received a positive test result and haven’t yet heard from Public Health, go to www.ShastaReady.org, click on “Quarantine and Isolation Instructions” and review the instructions. Please alert anybody who has been within 6 feet of you for 15 minutes or more, starting from 48 hours before your symptoms began (or 48 hours before  your positive test, if you are asymptomatic). They should follow the self-quarantine instructions. Containing the spread will protect others from COVID-19 and get Shasta County back on the road to a less-restrictive tier.

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