No Shave November: Shasta County Deputy Marshals Association

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No-Shave November

Shasta County Deputy Marshal’s Association’s second annual No-Shave-November kicks off on November 1st. For the entire month of November, the Marshals will forgo shaving as a fundraiser to benefit the local nonprofit agency: Kids’ Turn Shasta-Cascade.

Each week the Marshals will post photos of their beard growing progress with a spirit of fun and friendly competition.

Please talk to any Deputy Marshal about donating or go to Shasta County Deputy Marshal’s Association on face book.

For Information contact:
John Zufall
Shasta County Deputy Marshal’s Association
PO Box 994211
Redding, CA 96001
Kids’ Turn Website:

Background information:
The Deputy Marshal’s Association represents the men and women of the Shasta County Marshal’s Office which is the law enforcement division of the Shasta County Superior Court. We have the honor of protecting the Judicial Officers, Officers of the Court and all people entering the courthouse. With integrity and excellence we provide a security force to the Superior Court and the people using it, by bestowing dignity and respect on everyone we contact.

The Deputy Marshal’s Association is a new, small, nonprofit association, founded in October of 2018, and is in need of funding to accomplish our mission which is to give back to the community we work and live in. The Deputy Marshal’s Association supports several local nonprofit organizations, local crisis centers, student scholarship programs, and youth sports.

-from press release
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