RPD and CHP Work Together to Arrest Repeat Offender

At 11:40 PM on Christmas, RPD Officer Tim Jaegel located and stopped a stolen vehicle on Market Street near Quartz Hill. The driver and sole occupant of the stolen Dodge Ram pickup was Jacoby David Woolery, 36 years of Redding. At the time he initiated the stop, Officer Jaegel couldn’t have known this would be the alleged vehicle thief’s seventh arrest in 2019 and his sixteenth arrest in Shasta County since 2001.

While most have been preparing for the Holiday Season, Woolery has allegedly been heavily involved in theft and drugs. Woolery was arrested on October 8th for possession of a stolen vehicle and evading a police officer. He was arrested again on November 3rd for possession of a controlled substance and again on November 19th for vehicle theft and possession of a stolen vehicle. To round out November, Woolery was arrested on the 29th for possessing illegal drugs again. In December, Woolery was arrested on the 12th for possession of stolen property and finally, he was arrested

on Christmas for vehicle theft and possession of stolen property. While Woolery has found himself in contact with law enforcement many times over the past few months, officers and investigators have put in countless hours investigating cases associated to him.

Here are the details related to a few of those investigations:

On December 3rd, 2019, Officers from the Redding Police Department took a burglary report where approximately $200,000 worth of property were stolen, including a patio boat worth over $30,000. Investigators from the CHP’s Northern Division Investigative Services Unit (CHP ISU) developed information that led to Woolery’s residence. On December 9th, 2019, CHP ISU served a search warrant at Woolery’s residence. During the search, CHP Investigators located items stolen from a theft of CalTrans property in Trinity County. Follow up by CHP showed that Woolery was responsible for charging over $1,500 on a stolen CalTrans credit card.

As the investigation of Woolery continued, CHP ISU served a search warrant on December 10th, 2019, on a storage unit leased by Woolery. During the search, Investigators recovered stolen property worth over $100,000 and were able to return it to the original victim from the December 3rd theft. Investigators from the Redding Police Department obtained an arrest warrant for Woolery on December 11th. On December 12th, CHP ISU located and arrested Woolery trying to access the storage unit. Woolery was released four days later with a GPS ankle monitor.

In looking further into Woolery, CHP ISU discovered that he was possibly associated with a November 24th, 2019 theft of a cargo trailer from the 1000 block of Victoria Drive in Redding. On December 18th, CHP ISU served another search warrant on Woolery’s property. They were able to recover over $20,000 in tools stolen from the November 24th theft and return them to their owner.

On December 24th, 2019, the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office investigated a residential burglary in the 3500 block of Balls Ferry Rd. During that burglary, a Dodge Ram truck was stolen. The last and final contact with Woolery occurred on Christmas when Officer Jaegel found him driving the stolen truck.

As of this press release, despite being on Shasta County Probation for a previous felony conviction and being arrested six times since October 8th, Woolery has spent less than nine total days in custody.

The above summary related to Woolery’s recent contacts with law enforcement is not exhaustive. Investigators are still trying to recover stolen property associated with these cases, including the stolen patio boat. If you have information about Jacob Woolery or any of the cases above, please contact the Redding Police Department or the CHP Investigative Services Unit.

Redding Police Department

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