Lassen Volcanic National Park to Complete Fall Pile Burning

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Lassen Volcanic National Park will complete pile burning as cool and wet weather begins to enter the forecast. Fall conditions facilitate fuels reduction projects throughout the park by reducing the likelihood of flames spreading beyond pile areas.

“Pile burning is an important, low-risk tool for reducing fuel build-up in the park, stated Superintendent Jim Richardson. “Fuel reduction activities like pile burning are a key component to park fire management focused on protecting park facilities and improving visitor safety.”

This fall, firefighters will focus on hand-igniting piles in the Manzanita Lake, Warner Valley, and Juniper Lake areas. The piles are all associated with park hazardous fuel reduction projects and have cured for several years. Firefighters construct piles in a teepee shape with finer fuels in the center and larger fuels towards the outside. This facilitates pile ignition, even when damp, and contributes to better pile consumption.

For more information and specific information regarding burn pile locations please visit the park website at or contact the park at (530) 595-4480 or

-from press release
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