Quiet Marysville Scene of Vocal Protest

Saturday 7/12 Marysville CA –Outrage grows across the country over Trump and the Trump Republicans’ immigration policies of separating children from their families and placing them in cages unsuitable for human conditions. With that in mind, a protest was held in Marysville California. Generally a quiet community, it found the streets filled with protesters.

On the well kept Streets of Marysville a group of protesters from Sutter, Yuba, Colusa, Chico and the surrounding areas descended upon the Marysville’s prison a federal prison facility. Protesting use of this prison to incarcerate innocent people who are seeking asylum. Under Trump’s new immigration policies the protesters were outraged at the inhumanity in the justice system’s misuse to Incarcerate those seeking asylum, the caging of children in Inhumane conditions, and the separation children and parents.

As sunset approach a group from Jewish Voice For Peace compared the treatment of asylum-seekers too the early days of the fascist regime in Germany. They unfurled the banner stating “Never Again Now.” This is a reference to the Holocaust and the similarities of the Trump administration policies. At this point the group began to celebrate shabbat and manny in the some 400 protesters took part in solidarity with “Never Again Now.” The protesters consisted of many races and religions many of whom spoke about the atrocity of the Trump immigration rulings.

Ali Meders – Knight Made a speech about how the Native Americans had been treated and the government’s imprisonment of Native Americans and continues to violate their treaties today. She marched with a sign reading Kill white supremacy, save humanity, abolish I C E .

As evening approached many of the protesters took to the street and marched around the prison before slowly breaking up.

Charles Finlay

Charles Finlay has been a working photographer for over twenty years. After his formal studies in photography at The New York Institute of Photography, he worked in many commercial studios in New York. After serving in the US Army in Vietnam his interest turned to documentary and photojournalism. Working as a photojournalist in New York and San Francisco, he produced images for numerous publications world wide. Mr. Finlay has completed masters studies in photography at UC Berkeley, and also holds a PhD. He has been Nominated for “Best Of Photography” 1991. Photographic assignments included: Time, Woman’s Day, Newsweek, City of New York, Pageant, President Reagan’s campaign, President Carter, Governor Brown, Prince Charles, CBS News, NBC News production facility, Mayor of San Francisco, Mayor of San Jose, and many local political campaigns. Mr. Finlay has been specializing in political campaign photography, as he covers news events of interest. He is a member of the National Press Photographers Association.

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