SCSO Introduces SCRAM

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The Shasta County Sheriff’s Office has launched a new tool in helping combat crime. The program is called SCRAM (Security Camera Registry and Mapping). The premise of this program is to utilize recorded video from security cameras to assist law enforcement with the identification of suspects and aid with any subsequent prosecution. As technology has become so readily available and easier to set up and maintain, there are a growing number of citizens who now own and operate security camera systems at their residences and/or businesses. The Sheriff’s Office would like to give citizens, who live within Shasta County, the opportunity to register their residence location and/or business location via the Sheriff’s Office website. Registration in this program is entirely voluntary and all personal information gathered is for official use only.

The registry will allow deputies or detectives to readily identify known locations throughout Shasta County that operate video surveillance systems, which could potentially aid in a criminal investigation. A deputy or detective will contact the owner and request to view any recorded video specific to the investigation. If the owner has recorded video that will assist in the investigation the deputy or detective will request the video footage from the owner. The owner’s cooperation is completely voluntary.

To register your location with the SCRAM program go to the Sheriff’s Office main web page on the Shasta County website,

Click on the link; Security Camera Registry and Mapping,

Next click the link; complete the online SCRAM Registration Form

The Shasta County Sheriff’s Office Major Crime Unit will be managing this registry. If you have any questions please contact us at 530-245-6135 or email

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