Burglary Leads to Police Pursuit, Arrests

On Friday, July 6th, 2018 at 0505 hours, deputies from the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office were dispatched to the 15000 block of Cloverdale Road for the report of a burglary in progress. It should be noted, this residence had been burglarized earlier this week. Deputies arrived in the area at about 0519 hours. As they entered the property, deputies heard several shots fired coming from the residence.

As deputies approached the victim’s residence (due to the nature of the crime, the victim will not be identified), a dark colored Ford truck was seen leaving the residence at a high rate of speed. As the truck fled, the vehicle steered towards the deputy’s vehicle. A pursuit was initiated from the victim’s residence. The truck fled west on Cloverdale, eventually going east on Clear Creek Road. The vehicle then fled south on Highway 273 where speeds reached up to 90 MPH. The vehicle then fled east on Ox Yoke before going east on Dersch Road. The vehicle then fled north on Millville Plains Road. The vehicle eventually went through a residence’s fence on Bass Pond Road and suspect(s) fled on foot. Officers from the Redding Police Department, including their police canine, and the California Highway Patrol units and Air Operations assisted in the pursuit and perimeter to locate the suspect(s).

At the conclusion of the pursuit, a perimeter was established in the area. The Redding Police Canine attempted to track the unknown suspect(s). The canine eventually lost the suspect’s scent. During the search, a California Highway Patrolman saw the suspect(s) running southwest from Mallard Way. A sheriff’s canine arrived a short time later and attempted to locate the suspect(s) but were ultimately unsuccessful. During the search of the vehicle we located evidence possibly linking Kayla Lane (33 years old from Millville) and Troy Heller (51 years old from Millville) to the burglary.

During the investigations, deputies learned the victim woke up to two males and a female attempting to make entry into his residence. The victim confronted the suspects when an unknown male, later identified as Troy Heller, got into the Ford truck. The victim said Heller drove the truck towards him. Fearing for his safety, believing the suspect was going to hit him with the truck, the victim discharged a firearm at the vehicle in self-defense. The victim said as one male fled, it appeared he produced an unknown handgun and pointed it at him. The victim stated he fired at the male in self-defense prior to him fleeing on foot. It should be noted, the victim was not injured during this incident.

The victim reported he only saw Heller get into the truck as the other male and female fled on foot. During a search of the area, a resident on Small Farms Lane stated a male, later identified as Rodrigo Gonzalez-Garcia (44 years old from Anderson), was at her residence. She reportedly did not know who the male was. Deputies later located Gonzalez-Garcia in that area and he was detained. An extensive search for the firearm was conducted but it was not located.

While searching for the female suspect, deputies located Kayla Lane in the area of Cloverdale Road and Cloverview Road walking in the roadway. The victim later positively identified Lane and Gonzalez-Garcia as the persons he saw attempting to burglarize his residence. Lane and Gonzalez-Garcia were placed under arrest and booked into the Shasta County Jail. Lane was booked for: PC 664/459; attempted burglary, PC 182(a)(1) conspiracy to commit a crime, CVC 10851(a): vehicle theft, PC 1203.2; probation violation, and PC 602; trespassing. Gonzalez-Garcia was booked for: PC 664/459; attempted burglary, CVC 10851(a): vehicle theft, 245 (a)(2) assault with a deadly weapon firearm, PC 182(a)(1) conspiracy to commit a crime, PC 602; trespassing.

At about 1500 hours, Troy Haller attempted to report his mother’s Ford truck as stolen. Deputies responded to his residence and spoke to him. While speaking to deputies, Haller admitted to his involvement in the burglary and the pursuit he led deputies on. Haller was placed under arrest and transported to the Shasta County Jail where he was booked for: PC 245(c); assault with a deadly weapon on a peace officer, PC 245(a)(1); assault with a deadly weapon, CVC 2800.2; evading police officer with disregard for public safety, PC 182(a)(1) conspiracy to commit a crime, CVC 10851(a): vehicle theft, PC 664/459; attempted burglary, PC 602; trespassing.

The Shasta County Sheriff’s Office would like to thank the California Highway Patrol and the Redding Police for their assistance. This is an ongoing investigation, and if anyone has any information we ask that they call us at 530-245-6540.

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