Brandon Storment Joins Barr and Mudford

Redding Attorney Brandon Storment, formerly a prosecutor with the Shasta County District Attorney’s office, has joined the Redding personal injury law firm of Barr and Mudford.

Storment, who graduated from University of California, Davis, then Pepperdine University School of Law, was admitted to the Bar in 2009. Since then, for nearly a decade, Mr. Storment has represented and fought on behalf of victims of crime. In the Shasta County District Attorney’s office he was a member of the felony trial team, as well as part of the specialized family violence unit. He is widely recognized in the legal community for his record of success in prosecuting criminals, including murderers, at trial.

“I feel very strongly about protecting the rights of victims,” said Mr. Storment. “In the D.A.’s office, I represented victims of crime. Now, at Barr and Mudford, I have the opportunity to represent victims of serious injury.” Asked why he wanted to join Barr and Mudford in particular: “The firm’s reputation. They sincerely want to work hard for the rights of their clients. Barr and Mudford has an uncommonly high level of passion for helping, and fighting for, victims of injury.”

In welcoming Mr. Storment, Dugan Barr, founder of Barr and Mudford, shared that “several judges, both current and retired, have congratulated me for the addition of Brandon Storment to our team.”

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