Shotgun Fired in Redding Results in Multiple Arrests

Photo courtesy of Savage.

A man was arrested in his front yard after he fired a shotgun through the window of his living room in the 3200 block of West Street.

Eliodoro Carrillo, age 53, of Redding called SHASCOM dispatch from his residence at about 12:35 am, saying there were two women inside of his residence who were causing a disturbance. He said the women were breaking his windows out and threatening him.

When officers arrived at Mr. Carrillo’s house, he came walking towards them with a loaded shotgun. The officers directed him to put the shotgun down, and he complied. Mr. Carrillo directed officers to enter his residence, because one of the vandalism suspects was still inside. As officers entered, they saw that the living room window was smashed out. They detained an intoxicated female who was on felony probation inside the master bedroom. The female was identified as Jessica Hardy, age 42, of Redding.

Further examination of the broken window revealed a shotgun was fired from the living room through the front window of the residence. The shotgun pellets struck the underside of the patio roof.

Mr. Carrillo said he gave two women he didn’t know a ride to his home from Win River Casino because they had no other place to go. Once they arrived at his house, an argument ensued. He told them to leave. He eventually retrieved a shotgun and fired what he referred to as a “warning shot.” Carrillo had been drinking alcohol at the time of the incident. Carrillo was arrested for negligent discharge of a firearm. He was booked at the Shasta County Jail.

Jessica Hardy was arrested for a felony probation violation. After she was handcuffed and put into the back of a patrol car, she kicked the patrol car window out and bent the window frame. She was additionally charged with felony vandalism and booked at the county jail.

The other woman who was with Hardy was located walking down the street. She was identified as Semone Katherine White, age 43. She was found to have two outstanding felony warrants and a current listing as one of Shasta County’s Most Wanted. She was also booked at the jail.

Redding Police Department

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