Phone Scam Making the Rounds

The City of Redding Police Department would like to remind citizens about phone scams which are often used to prey on the elderly citizens of our community.

Recently, several citizens have fallen victim to this scam. Typically, an unknown person will call the victim claiming to be a distant relative or an “attorney”. The suspect will claim a relative of theirs has been arrested and request bail money be sent to them. Sometimes the suspect will request funds be sent via wire transfers, check, or by the purchase of gift cards. The phone numbers used by the suspects are usually out of the country or return as disconnected numbers.

Please beware this is a scam! If you receive a call from a phone number that you do not recognize, please be cautious. Giving out any personal information over the phone, such as bank account information and purchasing gift cards for an unknown person is highly discouraged by the Redding Police Department.

Redding Police Department

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