SoCal Man Arrested for Attempted Murder/Attempted Carjacking


At about 6:18 a.m., the SHASCOM dispatch center began receiving reports of a stabbing in progress in or near the intersection of Churn Creek Rd. and Dana Dr. At one point, it was reported that a male was standing over another male actively stabbing him in the listed intersection.

When officers arrived, they found Joseph Martin ANAYA 27 years old of Redding lying near the intersection bleeding from several stab wounds. Present with ANAYA was Kary Ann MAYFIELD, 40 years old also of Redding, who witnessed the attack. Officers were directed to the Target parking lot area by several witnesses, who were following the suspect. Officers located Jesse Michael WYNN 23 years old of Huntington Beach, CA in the north end of the parking lot. WYNN was covered in blood and was taken into custody without incident.

Officers determined that for unknown reasons, WYNN began running towards ANAYA and MAYFIELD from across the street with a knife raised in one of his hands. Without provocation, WYNN physically attacked ANAYA and began stabbing ANAYA while ANAYA was sitting on the ground talking to MAYFIELD. ANAYA was able to get to his feet and run away from WYNN. WYNN chased ANAYA into the intersection where WYNN continued stabbing ANAYA. MAYFIELD intervened and was able to get the knife away from WYNN.

Two citizens witnessed the attack and began yelling at WYNN. WYNN ultimately fled on foot from the scene. A short distance away, WYNN approached Scott Douglas HANNA 53 years old of Oak Run, CA, who was in his pick-up truck on his way to work. WYNN walked up to the driver’s door of HANNA’S vehicle and demanded HANNA get out of the vehicle. WYNN opened HANNA’S vehicle door and again demanded HANNA exit the vehicle. HANNA put his vehicle in reverse and was able to drive away from WYNN to prevent WYNN from taking his vehicle.

ANAYA was taken to a local area hospital by ambulance, where he was taken to surgery for treatment of stab wound(s) to his face, chest, and lower torso area. WYNN was medically cleared and booked into the Shasta County jail for suspicion of attempted murder, attempted carjacking, and a probation violation. It should be noted; WYNN is on formal probation out of Huntington Beach, CA for burglary and has been arrested on 3 other occasions (7/18/2017, 8/11/2017, and 8/14/2017) since arriving in Redding less than a month ago.

Redding Police Department

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