Rafters Rescued on Sacramento River

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On August 13, 2017 at 1700 hours, Shasta County Sheriff Boating Safety Deputies responded to a river rescue north of the Sundial Bridge. Three teenagers had started out on a rafting trip without life jackets. Their small rafts were swept into a tree overhanging the river, commonly referred to as a strainer. One victim made it to shore, while the other two were swept further downstream into a second strainer. One victim was able to remain in a raft, stuck in the strainer. The third victim fell out of the raft and was hanging on to the branches in the swift current. Deputies rescued the two victims from the fast moving water. The victims were transported to an awaiting ambulance and Redding Fire Department personnel. They were cold, but uninjured.

Deputies would like to remind everyone that life jackets are required on rafts. The Sacramento River has numerous strainers, the current moves quickly, and the water is very cold.

-from press release
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