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  1. cheyenne says:

    CS, I may have to apologize to you about all your anti #45 links.  Republican Senator Flake of Arizona, who is up for reelection next year, has stated that due to the Trump flood the Republicans may need to build an ark.  This from Senator Flake, an avowed Trump supporter from the beginning.  The Republicans want to keep control of the Senate and it looks like they are coming to the realization that the best way to do this is oppose Trump.

    • Gary Tull says:

      Yes, for now, they have a majority in the Senate. That may be temporary. The 2018 mid-term elections are approaching. In all likelihood, strong numbers of Republican Senate & House critters will eventually turn against Trump in a last-ditch attempt to save their own skins.

      When Mueller’s report comes out, I predict this trash talking (“the White House is a real dump”), do-nothing but twitt,  dangerously unqualified orange man-child president will resign. Perhaps not quietly but he will go away.

      • Beverly Stafford says:

        He has such an inflated ego that I question that he would throw in the towel willingly.  If he leaves office, I’d wager it would be kicking and screaming all the way to the helicopter.  Then it would be Pence.

    • Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

      Flake’s new book sounds interesting.  His theme is that the GOP has lost its way, having sold its soul to angry yahoos for their votes.  The angry yahoos are now in charge.  He laments the demise of core conservative values, replaced with such nonsense as birtherism and racial dog whistles.

      “We have given in to the politics of anger—the belief that riling up the base can make up for failed attempts to broaden the electorate,” Flake writes. “These are the spasms of a dying party.”

      Cheyenne, I think you’re wrong about Flake being an avowed Trump supporter from the beginning.  He famously refused to vote for Trump in the general election.  Flake made that decision in mid-2016, after Trump’s remarks questioning the patriotism of a Mexican-American judge who was presiding over the Trump University fraud case.

  2. Common Sense says:

    Cheyenne, no apology needed….I was simply stating facts….the Truth speaks for itself….it never needs defending…. but thanks….. He has a Pathology at play….he can not change….it’s in his DNA…when one understands this…they have compassion and understanding….he has some serious issues….issues that are un treatable…..he is not stable and never has been….it’s just coming out now with being in front of Billions of people on stage….it’s a world apart strong arming someone in a dark back room in a business deal VS being in front of Millions and Billions of people and subject to Ridicule and A good calling out!

    History will show that the Nixon drama was tame compared to this one……we have the following on the table that are all potential indictments-

    Collusion/Money Laundering/Obstruction of Justice/all the way up to and Including Treason…..if proved…..

    Its a spider web…..the financial crimes alone are enough to sink the ship….

    There is an old saying….I Found the Enemy……and it is Within……. Not even a General can save us from him…..

  3. Common Sense says:

    Robert Mueller hires his 16th “Prosecutor” today….if you want to know where the ball is going on this one you have to take into consideration the “Specialties” of the staff that have been hired to date.

    From one of the earlier Hires….Mr. Weissman- a Prosecutor, specializes in Criminal Fraud…..Todays hire Mr. Adams has a talent for “Illegal Foreign Bribery”….any clue from just these two, what we might be talking about here in the future?

    Let us remember….he has hired Only Prosecutors…..with Specialties…..follow their specialties/disciplines…..know the potential charges coming…..

  4. T.i.m. says:

    Linda Katehi, the corrupt UC Davis chancellor who “resigned” last year, just got a 9-month $318,200+ contract to teach one class per quarter for 3 quarters.

  5. cheyenne says:

    In the go figure column Trump states Wyoming and Arizona are refusing to hand over voter registration forms to the so called voter fraud investigations.  But Clinton state Colorado is handing over their voter registration forms.  3,ooo, so far and growing, Coloradoans have unregistered their voter registration forms.

  6. cheyenne says:

    I am on the Trump train but for anyone paying attention, Trump has been relegated to the caboose while saner Republicans are taking charge.

    What about the Democrat train.  Sanders is making the most noise while I read Biden is exploring a presidential run and Pelosi has built up a $25 million war chest.  If the Democrats message is to stay the course then they need to realize staying the course means more losses to their party.

  7. Common Sense says:

    And let us stop and pause and give thanks that saner Republicans are taking charge….heck at this point….I don’t care which party’s president is in there….I just want a Sane one! I know…the bar has been lowered……

    Next to go appears to be Rex Tillerson……his departure….is but days to weeks away……Possibly Bannon but I am not sold on that one yet…..

    Pence is working on his Inauguration Speech as I type these words…… mmmmm

  8. T.i.m. says:

    And in local-ish news, CH2M Hill has been bought out:

  9. T.i.m says:

    Because of 2013’s AB4, which prohibits local governments in California from complying with most 48-hour immigration holds, Redding stands to lose $51,000 in federal funding and Shasta County $42,000:

  10. Common Sense says:

    They say when investigating….Follow the Money Trail… Although it may not be an Illegal contribution to Mitchy  McConnell it sure does make a person take note!

  11. Marc Carter says:

    Another article suggesting a possible treatment plan for opioid addiction: 

  12. cheyenne says:

    On the healthcare issues.  My Blue Cross plan, which I pay for myself without any subsidies, is going up 7% next year.  I can live with that.  In Wyoming, Blue Cross, the only ACA provider in the state, announced that the ACA rates would go up 50% next year.  I can live with that.  Finally some common sense for those of us who don’t have the ACA.

  13. Common Sense says:

    # 45 Lands in Bedminster NJ yesterday to kick off his 17 Vacation….within hours Roman Abramovich’s LX-GVI Jet landed in Newark!

    Roman is a Billionaire from Russia that has Ties to Putin…..but I am sure it’s just a “Coincidence this happened”….probably talking Adoptions or something….well you know….or perhaps he just wants to buy another condo or two or three or?

    Meanwhile the Secret Service is pushed away whilst #45 uses his “Own” security force….. mmmmm….

    If a Tree Falls in a Forest with No one around…..does it still make a sound?

  14. trek says:

    I wait with bated breath as per the legal ramifications regarding the 2nd in command CHP officer whom decided road rage didn’t pertain to him when he accosted the truck driver. Pretty hush hush on any reporting being given out to the public.

    • Common Sense says:

      The fact the Attorney General is handling it now….that is enough to be job seeking me thinks…. no good ol boys club in Sacramento!

  15. Tim says:

    Shasta County loses another small business due to California’s increasingly byzantine bureaucracy.  The Cartridge Family closed last week, citing the passage of proposition 63 as a major factor.  The Redding ammunition manufacturer, already facing stiff competition from low cost out of state vendors, would have had to obtain yet another state license and conduct background checks on every ammunition sale.  Out of state ammo manufacturers & dealers don’t have to comply with prop 63 for an additional year.

    • cheyenne says:

      Thank you Tim.  I will be giving the contact information to LEADS to see if they want to do another Magpul Ammo invite.  Magpul left Colorado due to that states gun laws.  And for those anti-gun advocates, I’d rather have another ammo manufacturer than a another fracking company for jobs.

  16. Common Sense says:

    Inequality isn’t a big deal if you are on the right side of the curve!

    The Middle Class is Evaporating….

    10% of the population has a pre disposition to be addicted to something….and we wonder why we have issues?

    • Tim says:

      I’d much rather have 1.4% income growth against 1.6% inflation than 2% income growth against 14% inflation, but maybe that’s just me.  I also seem to recall the middle class being pretty furious in 1980 at being told by the president to “put on a sweater” if you were cold.

  17. Common Sense says:

    # 45 Just came out with his latest Drug Addiction Solution-

    The best way to prevent Drug Addiction and over Dose is to prevent people from abusing drugs in the first place.If they don’t start…they won’t have a problem! We can keep them from going on. Talking to youth…telling them….no good …really bad for you….in every way….if they don’t start….it will never be a problem!

    Thank you, Mr. Obvious….now any advice on those that are Currently Hooked??

    Wow…..wondering what his policy will be on N.Korea?…. we can talk to them and tell them that firing Nuclear missiles really isn’t a good idea….prevent them from starting by telling them no good….really bad for you…..don’t start….if they don’t start….it will never be a problem…

    Dr. Greenberg needs to mention the 10% to him I think……

  18. Common Sense says:

    Checks still go out there Mr. T….unless you fire them…..but then that would take knowing about how Government actually works to understand that.

    Who’s next for the 5am Raid?…..Manafort is down….next up? Bobby 3 Sticks….he knows how to get them to FLIP…..another couple of weeks….they will all be signing like Canaries……

    • Gary Tull says:

      My guess: He is clueless to why over 755 US diplomats are at the American Embassy in Russia in the first place.

      You are correct CS;  B III Stix has plenty against Manafort at this point and Manafort will co-operate or face major charges and probably prison. Mr. Big will eventually get thrown under the bus by him or Flynn, or both to soften their inevitable sentences.

      Republican members of the House & Senate will then turn on Mr. Big leaving him little support. Of course expect a lot of distractions, bitter behavior and the blaming of others before he resigns. “So unfair”, he will say.  (Only my prediction.)


      • Common Sense says:

        Lol…Gary Tull… have a very Firm Grasp on this situation! B3Sticks is harvesting the low hanging fruit knowing full well it will lead to a much larger Haul once they start singing…A couple more points down and the Republicans will start to cave in on Mr. T !

        The T Train Bearings are getting awfully hot but the track is strong and narrow…..collateral damage is a given….it’s when….not if…..

  19. cheyenne says:

    Headline in the Denver Cannabis, Wyoming To World.  Come for the eclipse but leave your weed at home.  And what do the posters from Colofornia complain about?  That Wyoming sells fireworks that are illegal elsewhere.

  20. Beverly Stafford says:

    Any thoughts of the North Korea issue and the twenty-something toad at its helm?  I feel that both he and POTUS should rethink their barbers.

  21. cheyenne says:

    China just announced that if NK attacks the US first they will not defend NK.  NK might have missiles that will reach Guam but here in Cheyenne we have nukes that will reach NK.  But that is just conspiracy bait for those who actually think WWIII is coming.

    • common sense says:

      The Typical, “My Missile is bigger than Your Missile Syndrome”!

      Petty simple deal….don’t fire first!

      Finish the problem if They do!

      It’s also a Good Deflection Tactic! The Whole N.K Issue…..

  22. common sense says:

    Rhona Graff- Remember these words/Name…..The whole Investigation is starting to get a bit more “personal” now…..

    Manafort and Flynn probably cutting deals about right now…..if they have not already signed on the dotted line….

    The Temp’s are rising on the T Train wheel that is about to come off soon!

  23. Please join me in thanking Doug Craig for his contributions to A News over the last four years and more than 100 Free Therapy columns. I can’t wait to see what his has in store for his with his new direction of writing and columns.

    (Doug, I appreciate you so much! Thank you!)

  24. cheyenne says:

    And the biggest threat to Wyoming coal is not the EPA but the coal industry itself.  The West Virginia governor is asking Trump, and he has indicated positive leanings toward it, for the feds to subsidize Appalachian coal with a $15 a ton subsidy.  The reasoning, it is a possible terrorist threat.  Powder River Coal trains from Wyoming, cheaper to mine and less sulfur content to burn than Appalachian coal, could be targeted by terrorists and shut down the electric grid.  Trump may kill the Wyoming Trump train to appease East Coast voters.  Enough of these Eastern presidents, we need a Western president.

  25. Joe Domke says: is back online, sorry for the downtime!

  26. Gary Tull says:

    Tiki Torch Nazis – 

  27. common sense says:

    Get Ready to position yourself for selling short if you are Stock Buff…..Correction might be coming….With the Firing of Bannon to add to the long list…this train has a wheel that is ready to come off soon….

    Should be interesting…..Indictments should be forth coming soon also……That may signal a nice adjustment in the Stock Market!

  28. Barbara Rice Barbara Rice says:

    Just a general advisory to our readers and commentors:

    Name-calling is still uncool here.

    Depending on the comment, it may be edited or deleted.

  29. cheyenne says:

    And here in Wyoming, vehicle registrations of about 650,000, it was estimated that when the eclipse ended that half a million cars took to the highways to return to their own states.  It caused the largest traffic jam in Wyoming history making a 4 hour trip from Glendo to Denver into a 10 to 12 hour gridlock.

  30. Common-Sense says:

    All that Glitters may not be Green Gold! Trouble in Nipton Ca…..

    Well good thing they had a 45 day inspection period on the town purchase in Nipton!

    I can only imagine the stockholders and what they might say if they followed through on buying the town only to find out the Conservative folk don’t want the weed there….an uphill battle (similar to Shasta County) trying to get Cannabis legalized in that County!

    Quite an Investment if they Can’t change the minds of the Sessions loving folks in that County!…and the odds of that….probably similar to our neck of the woods!

  31. Tim says:

    Looks like there will be a ballot measure to split California into 3 states.  Unfortunately, this particular proposal shackles the State of Jefferson to San Francisco:

  32. Karen C says:

    I am missing the mystery food writer.  I love the restaurant reviews….have they gone missing?  Or did I miss a recent article?

  33. cheyenne says:

    And in other news Enterprise High grad, Izzy Matthews, scores the first touchdown at Colorado State’s new stadium as CSU runs over Oregon State 58-27.

    • Steve Towers Steve Towers says:


      And that’s a pretty good drubbing of a formerly decent Pac 12 program, too.

      • cheyenne says:

        CSU plays Colorado this weekend and Wyoming, with quarterback Josh Allen who is being seen as a possible #1 draft pick, plays Iowa.  The Mountain West may make some noise this year.   If UW and CSU can meet expectations the Border War will be a big game this season.

  34. Common-Sense says:

    Lake County changes it tune after having to pay out $250,000!


    In a $250,000 settlement, a federal judge in May ordered the county to rewrite department policy requiring deputies to get search warrants, code inspection warrants or written consent from the property owners before entering private land when enforcing the county’s cultivation ordinance, said attorney Joe Elford, who represented the nine residents who launched the case.


    “The protection of constitutional rights and the guarantee of access to state-recognized medicine tilts the scales in favor of Plaintiffs,” U.S. District Judge Thelton E. Henderson said.

  35. cheyenne says:

    In the latest #45 news.  What if Trump leaves the GOP and becomes a Democrat again?  Could he become the DNC presidential candidate in 2020?  Who would stop him, HRC?  She already failed at that.  This could become the 70’s Rumble in the Jungle as Trump, Biden and Sanders battle it out at seventy plus age.

    • Common-Sense says:

      We won’t have to worry about 45 doing much of anything here shortly. The Real Question is….will he do Jail time or not at his point in the game!

      Indictments will be forth coming on the following potential charges-



      Money Laundering

      Violations of the Emoluments clause

      And potentially Treason…..


  36. Common Sense says:

    We now file #45’s Famous last words prior to the Carnage…..“Good Luck Everyone”……now that’s a leader there!

    Perhaps he finds Solace in the fact that somewhere out there in Texas….on a back road that’s probably got 3 feet of water on it,rides

    one of his faithful….the Rebel and American Flags showing proudly in the back of his Ford Pickup 3 feet up in the air….the exhaust that comes up out of the back bed straight up in the air……a true supporter!

    Let’s say prayer right now that Pence at least steps up to the plate and takes charge and HELPS folks there in Tx!

    It is the trying times that show true leadership…..

    Even the Ford Truck owner was more prepared….with his monster truck!

    Prayers for all affected by this Tragedy…

  37. cheyenne says:

    And in WWIII projections by the liberals the upgrade of the ICBMs parked near me are estimated, by the Cheyenne COC, to bring in $750 million to the Cheyenne economy.  Redding needs a military base.

  38. Art McBride says:

    I need some help answering some questions that I have ask and ask without receiving a satisfactory reply. I know the readers of A News Cafe are intelligent and informed. They are interested and engaged in their communities. And maybe they can help me figure our this problem. (Are you buttered up enough?)

    In the City of Redding a group of disgruntled folks are attempting to gather enough signatures to recall two City Councilwomen. If they are successful a recall election would be held. According to the County Clerk the election would cost the tax payers of Redding around $250,000, (and that’s a lot of money). So this has raised some questions for me. Questions that the sponsors of the recall either cannot or will not answer. And here is where I need your help.

    1) Why is the recall effort not properly lables as a Recall and Replace effort?

    If enough signatures are collected and the effort goes to ballot the voter, at the time they vote to recall, also vote on a candidate to replace the subject of the recall.  And who are the replacement candidates going to be? We know one, Ms. Rener, but have no indication of who the second candidate will be. The major spokespersons for the recall have said they will not be candidates because they do not live in the Redding City limits.

    2) Why is a Recall and Replace necessary?

    The promoters of the Recall and Replace effort have not cited one valid reason for their effort. They do not point to an instance of malfeasance. They do not claim the two Councilwomen are mentally incapacitated and cannot carry out the duties of their office. And they cite no personal entanglments that interfer with or guide their decisions regarding City business. In fact they give no reasonable excuse for the Recall and Replace effort except they are dissatisfied with decisions that were made while the two Councilwomen served on the previous City Council.

    3) Why only the two City Councilwomen?

    Those promoting the Recall and Replace effort have targeted only the two City Councilwomen not mentioning the fact that they are a minority of the voting members. The Recall and Replace sponsors have acted like the other three councilmembers are dias decorations that do nothing but occupy space like potted plants. If they are really concerned about Council actions it would seem there should be at least a majority targeted.

    4) What disaster is going to befall the City of Redding in the short time between the Recall and Replace election and the regularly scheduled election if the two Councilwomen are not removed from office.

    The Recall and Replace sponsors would have the voters believe that if the two Councilwomen are not removed from office in a Recall and Replace election they will cause the City to collapse in the couple of months between an Recall and Replace election and the regular election. That they would give out excessive raises to City staff. That they would enter into contracts obligating the City to outrageous expenditures. Or they will do other egregious things that will bring the City to it’s knees. All the time ignoring that they are a minority of the City Council and it takes a majority of the City Council to approve a motion.

    5) Can the City of Redding afford to spent around $250,000 on a Recall and Replace election?

    Mr. Tippin, the Redding City manager, recently talked about the City facing a deficit. Where would the money for such an expensive Recall and Replace election come from? Is it just laying around not being used for anything? Will it come from the budgets of one or more departments? And if the City has that much money laying around undedicated maybe the Police and/or Fire departments could find a use for it.

    6) Putting politics and political philosophy aside – why is it that the City Councilmen are not taking a position on the fiscal impact of the Recall and Replace effort? They are supposed to be guardians of the City treasury but they must think it prudent to expend the funds in their silence.

    Having listened to/read the excuses of the Recall and Replace sponsors and I have yet to hear/see a valid reason for this effort. So I can only conclude it is nothing more that a group that wants things their way and are willing to spend a lot of the City’s money – your tax money to get it.

    But maybe I am missing something and someone can tell me what it is. Because it seems like a real shame if the City of Redding has to finance an unnecessary and costly Recall and Replace effort when the voters can just vote the two Councilwomen out of office, if it is their will, a couple of months later while saving the money for more important things.

    • Beverly Stafford says:

      Valid points, Mr. McBride.  As I’ve stated before, I’d like to see a table set up for signing an anti-recall petition and locate it just a few feet away from the recall table.  You state that the majority of the spokespersons do not live within the city of Redding.  I was not aware of that and will take your word for it, but if that’s the case, I guess I, as a person ineligible to vote in Redding because I live in Eastern County, could set up an anti-petition table.  If my fellow A News Cafe readers would sign an anti-recall petition, maybe we could create an online petition to present to the City Clerk.

      What a waste of money and energy this whole nonsense is.  And who are the geniuses who are signing this?

    • Tim says:

      1)  Because for now it is just an attempt to initiate a recall vote.  Once the prerequisites are met, a recall election will be announced.  At that point, candidates may file to be on the ballot.  The procedures for a California recall are available here:

      2) Recalls are initiated when the electorate is dissatisfied with their representation.  There need not be malfeasance.

      3) Because the three women, who all happen to be democrats, voted 3-2 (Cadd & Weaver dissented) to raise already exorbitant pay for certain city staff while claiming that due to the failure of measure D there was not enough money to do more to address Redding’s extreme crime problem (measure D failed because voters did not trust the council to spend the money wisely or as directed).

      The total dollar amount of those staff raises was relatively low, but it was symptomatic of a certain elitist tone-deafness that include the councilwomen ignoring grand jury recommendations and doubling down on failed government intervention policies like Stillwater, backing away from effectively enforcing criminal laws, and proposing more accomodative policies towards addicts and street criminals.  These tend to be Democratic positions…

      And when it comes to tone-deafness Francie Sullivan, in particular, has a real knack for snidely dismissing the complaints of citizens who dare to speak during meetings.  She calls them complainers, assumes they are just a loud handful of dissenters, and asserts that they are safer on the streets than in their own home.

      4) The proponents argue that it is about accountability and putting all council members on notice that they serve at the pleasure of the public.

      Furthermore, one need only drive around Redding to see the dramatic improvement in the quality of life since the recall began.  Apparently the council decided it can do something to address street crime, even if it is just harass criminals enough they move elsewhere.

      5) The tax payers of Redding would surely appreciate it if the two councilwomen would resign and save us some money.  But they’ve already shown, and often, that they have little regard for spending.  $250,000 is far less than the interest on Stillwater, which these councilors have rejected paying off early as tenants come in…

      6) Because they listen to their constituents and know that in large part this effort is a way to voice extreme displeasure with the way Redding has been going and with council as a whole.  Saying essentially, “shutup stupid, go home and let us handle our business like we know best” will probably put your name on the next recall.

      Additionally, the bar is pretty high for actually getting a recall; you need 20% of the registered voters to sign.  Since only ~45% of registered voters actually voted during the last midterm, that means you need almost half of likely voters to sign the petition.  The 2011 effort to recall Francie Sullivan, Patrick Jones, and Rick Bosetti failed to meet this burden, and this one probably will too.

      Still, the motions of the recall tend to do good things; they encourage civic engagement and little by little problems get nibbled away at.

    • R.V. Scheide Jr. says:

      I’m happy to try to answer your questions, Art!

      1. If they called it a “recall and replace” election and candidates were running, those candidates would have to elucidate actual positions.

      2. The recall and replace is not necessary. There’s no pressing reason for this, that’s why its proponents can’t name one.

      3. The two female council members are perceived as being “liberal.” That’s why they’ve been targeted.

      4. The crime problem recall proponents are complaining about will not be changed one iota if the councilmembers are recalled.

      5. The city of Redding can afford the recall. It’s not that much money, really. It’s a total waste of time, but not that expensive.

      6. The city councilmen aren’t taking positions on the recall because they’re playing it safe, in my opinion. Especially the mayor. Poor leadership not to stick up for his colleagues. I couldn’t believe it, actually.

      I got the feeling, Art, that some of those questions were rhetorical, but that’s my basic take on it!



      • Thank you, R.V.

        Well done.

        And I share your opinion regarding the silence of the city council members who’ve not stood up for their fellow councilors.

        • Beverly Stafford says:

          Amen to both you and R.V.  What a waste of effort on the part of the petition gatherers.  Too bad they don’t expend that much effort in other ways like . . . like, I don’t know.  How about finding a place for homeless camps away from neighborhoods – Stillbirth (to use Doni’s name) comes to mind; volunteering at the missions; packing those sack lunches and paying for those one-way tickets to Sacramento for those who don’t want to play by the rules; writing grants to pay for a sobering center and mental health facilities.  Anything is better than this ludicrous recall when in just a few months, the ballot box would solve what the petitioners view as a solution.

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