RPD Investigates Separate Motorcycle Incidents

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It has been reported on social media and some news outlets that two motorcyclists were attacked in separate incidents in the early morning hours of June 16th, 2017. While the investigations are ongoing, officers have determined that the incidents are not related.

Bryant KRAUSE, 27 years, of Redding, reported to officers that he was riding his motorcycle home near Park Marina and Parkview at 12:32 AM, when he stopped for pedestrians in the crosswalk. Two Hispanic males knocked him off his motorcycle and threatened to stab him. No weapon was seen. Two Hispanic females told the suspects to leave Mr. Krause alone, pulling them away. The suspects left towards Parkview Park. Mr. Krause was able to ride his motorcycle to the Redding Police Department where he reported the incident. Officers immediately canvased the area locating several transient camps and have identified potential suspects. This case remains under investigation.

At 1:49 AM, SHASCOM received a 911 call of a single vehicle motorcycle collision in the 1900 block of Pine Street. Officers arrived on scene at 1:52 AM and found the motorcycle rider, Ryan RHODES, 28 years, of Burney, in the roadway. Witnesses were attempting to provide medical aid. He was in and out of consciousness and could not tell officers what happened. RHODES sustained serious injuries in the collision and was transported by ambulance to Mercy Medical Center. He immediately went into surgery and could not be interviewed.

A witness to the collision was in a vehicle behind the motorcycle as they were traveling southbound on California Street. As they made the left turn onto Gold Street toward Market Street, the motorcycle began to accelerate away from him continuing eastbound through the intersection of Market Street. The witness observed the rider go down on the east side of the intersection of Gold Street and Market Street, sliding in excess of 70’ before coming to rest in the roadway near his motorcycle. The witness stopped to render aid and called 911. Additional witnesses arrived and stayed with victim until police and medical personnel arrived. At no time was RHODES assaulted or threatened. Police officers arrived within three minutes of the 911 call.

RHODES is recovering from his injuries and was able to be interviewed this week. He told officers he had met KRAUSE for the first time earlier that evening at a local bar. KRAUSE left about an hour prior to RHODES leaving the downtown Redding business. RHODES recalls riding his motorcycle and for reasons he cannot recall, crashing and falling off his motorcycle. He was knocked unconscious and only remembers being moved and hearing voices before waking up hours later in the hospital. RHODES later heard about the incident KRAUSE reported, and assumed the two incidents could be related and the cause of his collision.

Based on physical evidence and statements from witnesses, it has been determined that RHODES failed to stay on the traveled portion of the roadway and struck a raised curb at the intersection of Gold Street and Market Street. The impact caused him to be ejected from his motorcycle. It is unknown if alcohol was a factor in the collision. RHODES admitted to consuming a half of a beer prior to leaving the bar. Due to his immediate need for medical treatment, officers were unable to investigate his level of intoxication, if any.

Social media is a valuable tool for the community and the Redding Police Department. However, it is important to remember that information found in social media is not always accurate. Traffic collisions and criminal investigations take time, resources and are often confidential. We strive to get information out to the public in a timely manner whenever appropriate.

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  1. Carter Slade says:

    Humm, Interesting – No bikers down here. Just a non-melodramatic, no sensationalism, NON-BIASED report of what happened by pros who make a living determining what happens in these cases. No mention of throbbing engines carrying wanna be bikers as they try to make their innocent way home either. Just your standard, seemingly accurate report of 2 non-related, after hours accidents involving motorcyclists. Well, the 2 now biker-debunked pups were documented to be drinking together at the same local watering hole earlier in the nite.  Gotta love an accurate news report. It may not be entirely accurate but it doesn’t read like a dime novel either…

  2. Common Sense says:

    Admitted to consuming a HALF a Beer now…..join us next week when the Injured “biker” says….”I wasn’t drinking at all….I was ahhh Watching people drink in the Bar”!….. Dodged a bullet on that DUI charge me thinks…..

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