Former Police Chief Hansen Proposed for Interim Role

Chief Peter T. Hansen

Chief Peter T. Hansen

Retired Redding Police Chief Peter Hansen will be recommended to be the City’s Interim Police Chief while the recruitment to find a permanent replacement proceeds. The appointment would require City Council approval, which is expected to be considered at the July 18 City Council meeting.

Captain Eric Wallace is the acting Chief, and is overseeing the day-to-day operations of the department. However, Captain Wallace’s responsibilities include both Administration and the Investigations Divisions, requiring a full-time commitment. In addition, the Patrol Division is currently supervised by Captain Roger Moore. The extra duties tax an already lean-staffed department.

Hansen was a 28-year veteran of the Redding Police Department (RPD), beginning as a patrol officer and rising through the ranks to become Chief of Police in November 2008. He retired from the City in November 2011. He would serve as Interim Chief until a replacement is found for former Chief Robert Paoletti, who separated from the City June 13, 2017.

“Chief Hansen was a consummate professional and an excellent leader during his long tenure in the Redding Police Department. He was highly respected by the RPD staff and the community,” said City Manager Barry Tippin. “It is to the City’s great benefit that he is willing to return and lead the department as we search for a new Chief.”

Hansen was approached about the interim role following Paoletti’s departure to ensure RPD continues to function at the highest level while a new Chief is found. Hansen would serve only until a permanent replacement is in place – expected to be by this fall – and would not be charged with making any major changes to operations, according to Tippin.

Hansen has remained a member of California Police Chiefs Association, California Peace Officers Association, and the FBI National Academy Associates, allowing him to stay current on law enforcement issues, both locally and nationally. He currently resides in Washington state.

“With the importance of public safety paramount for the City of Redding, utilizing someone of Chief Hansen’s character and experience will allow current staff to continue to work at the best of their abilities to protect the public,” Tippin said.

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7 Responses

  1. Joyce says:

    Temporary pay? Will this turn into permanent position like Tippins did?  Will we spend more money to find a new police chief only to go with the temporary one?

  2. JeffG says:

    Out with the old- oh wait…

  3. cheyenne says:

    Pete would be receiving, I would assume, a CALPERS retirement.  When I retired the CALPERS guidelines at that time, which I am sure are still the same, were a retiree could not work fulltime for a CALPERS position and continue collecting their pension.  An interim position was okay.  That is why you see a lot of retired school superintendents take interim positions.

    As far as moving back to Redding I doubt that will happen for the same reasons many have left Redding.  And if Pete can afford it, which obviously he can, living on the Seattle islands would be preferable to most places.

  4. Karen C says:

    I doubt Pete will move back to Redding after living in the beautiful, and much cooler area he is now.  I have to admire him for coming back until they find a new Chief.  This is going to be interesting.  The moral down at RPD must be very low at this point.

  5. Carter Slade says:

    Too funny. The Chief’s photo is from what-20 years ago? Guess the city wants to convey a feeling of youthful vibrance and safety go-getter…Im sorry, this guy is coming down, all the way from Washington for a temp Police Chief job? Man, that must have cost someone a pretty penny. Oh wait, that someone would us, the taxpayers…Yea, Tippen, you’re going to fit right in…Y’all do remember that Hansen left because he was more or less frustrated with the City Council back then as Paoletti was now. I guess it is true what they say- The more things change, the more they stay the same…

  6. Miranda says:

    Please stop abuse in jails. My son was placed in confinement for bad behavior when in fact he is ill with schizophrenic, bipolar 2, and psychotic. This is torment! What have jails and prisons become? Who hears the silent cries and deep emotional trauma experienced by these mothers such as I?

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