City of Redding Confirms Recruitment for a New Chief of Police Will Begin Soon


The City confirmed today that a change of leadership and direction is desired for the Redding Police Department, and Chief Robert Paoletti agreed to separate from the City. The change of leadership will be effective Tuesday, June 13, 2017. Robert Paoletti was hired as the City’s Police Chief in November 2011, serving over 5 years with the City.

City Manager Barry Tippin clarified the City’s position on the separation of Police Chief Robert Paoletti, “Rob has been a good Police Chief and I have the utmost respect for him. We are at a point in time; however, that we need to find a new pathway to work on the public safety issues we are facing as a community.” Significant changes in state laws have created substantial challenges in the criminal justice system. The City of Redding, like most cities, is working to adapt to these new realities. Tippin further stated “the Redding Police Officers are outstanding and this change of direction has no reflection on our officers or the excellent work that they do.”

City Manager Tippin noted that as a matter of policy, the City does not generally share details related to personnel matters. However, when deemed appropriate, the City will seek to clarify inaccuracies that mischaracterize the City’s position and actions.

The recruitment for the next Chief of Police will begin soon. In the interim, Captain Eric Wallace will serve as the Police Chief while a transition plan is implemented.

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