City of Redding Confirms Recruitment for a New Chief of Police Will Begin Soon


The City confirmed today that a change of leadership and direction is desired for the Redding Police Department, and Chief Robert Paoletti agreed to separate from the City. The change of leadership will be effective Tuesday, June 13, 2017. Robert Paoletti was hired as the City’s Police Chief in November 2011, serving over 5 years with the City.

City Manager Barry Tippin clarified the City’s position on the separation of Police Chief Robert Paoletti, “Rob has been a good Police Chief and I have the utmost respect for him. We are at a point in time; however, that we need to find a new pathway to work on the public safety issues we are facing as a community.” Significant changes in state laws have created substantial challenges in the criminal justice system. The City of Redding, like most cities, is working to adapt to these new realities. Tippin further stated “the Redding Police Officers are outstanding and this change of direction has no reflection on our officers or the excellent work that they do.”

City Manager Tippin noted that as a matter of policy, the City does not generally share details related to personnel matters. However, when deemed appropriate, the City will seek to clarify inaccuracies that mischaracterize the City’s position and actions.

The recruitment for the next Chief of Police will begin soon. In the interim, Captain Eric Wallace will serve as the Police Chief while a transition plan is implemented.

-from press release
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5 Responses

  1. Avatar K. Beck says:

    WOW, Tippin is in the chair less than one week and already the hatchet is falling. Wonder what else he has up his sleeve. For what is it worth I thought Paoletti was doing a fine job given what he has to work with here, as in not enough money and an ever increasing 409/homeless population.

    Best of luck to him. I hope he finds a position in a city that can afford to hire him and has money to hire the men and women he needs to do his job.


  2. Avatar Common Sense says:

    Spot on there K. Beck!……..He did an Excellent Job for what was handed to him!…..I pity the next head that comes in and has to face even more budget cuts and more issues and more Cognitive Dissonance!

    The Money is there……they just have to Say YES…..instead of NO……...Yes to 64….Yes to allowing Businesses to employ 90-100 individuals ( Yes Jobs…Imagine that! ) …yes to the $3 Million in Sales Taxes on it the first year…..potentially many Million more if they allowed Where houses in Stillwater to produce the product……a potential of up to $6-8 Million a year…..but we have not seen the Report that Julie Winter was emailed when she took office???…funny how that just DISAPPEARED!

    So JULIE…..Where’s the BEEF?

  3. Avatar JeffG says:

    I don’t know about “a fine job” — I found it abhorrent when, as a solution to increased shopping center crime last Christmas, he suggested women bring their husbands with them.

  4. Frank Treadway Frank Treadway says:

    Every City Manager has their priorities. However, some openness on this firing does seem the appropriate thing to do. I know that dragging something of this nature on and on is not good for the City. But, something that the public can land on and understand as to why Chief Paoletti was fired, besides the vague reasoning, is also important.  It’s just an emotional shock for a lot of folks out there.  Unless the City is commanded to do open-hiring, another round of money spending search for a Chief, and then an in-department officer is hired, you’re going to hear mega complaints. Nothing wrong with Redding’s officers to be elevated, but give the public something why the City has to spend money to interview someone from Delaware and then one or our own is hired.  Give a code or State law, avoid backlash.

  5. Avatar Karen C says:

    Bringing your husband with you is not a solution, and the Chief knows it.  It is merely a personal safety suggestion.  It could be a friend, a grown son, sister,  neighbor or anyone.  The chief is a good family man with fine sons, he is close to his parents and this is simply a normal suggestion he would make.  I have often made this same suggestion to my husband, asking him to accompany me when I was going to Raley’s on Lake Blvd, or somewhere I did not feel safe going.  There are many such places in our once fair city,