City Plans Public Workshop on Marijuana Cultivation

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The City of Redding will hold a public workshop on marijuana cultivation as it relates to the Adult Use of Marijuana Act (AUMA) on Thursday, June 15, 2017, in the City Council Chambers at City Hall, 777 Cypress Avenue. The workshop will run from 2 to 5 p.m.
All interested parties are invited to attend the panel presentation which will be moderated by City Attorney Barry DeWalt. Panel members will provide information about cultivation allowed under the AUMA, which was approved as Proposition 64 in the November 8, 2016, statewide election. The measure allows possession and use of marijuana by adults for recreational purposes and establishes a framework for regulation of commercial sales and cultivation.
Panelists will include Mandy Arons, former owner of All Earth Remedies, a medical marijuana cooperative. City of Redding Development Services Director Larry Vaupel also will speak on issues related to zoning and code enforcement. Members of the public will be provided the opportunity to ask questions.
-from press release
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  1. Richard Christoph says:

    And a very interesting and informative 3 hours it was, with most speakers being articulate, well-informed, and passionately committed to see the implementation of Prop. 64 in Redding done “the right way.”

    To the credit of the City’s  Mr. DeWalt and Mr. Vaupel, the meeting was well-organized and attended, and it was evident from the outset that they were interested in obtaining as much constructive information and opinion as possible from stakeholders. Ms. Aron’s contributed her own vast knowledge and experience as well, and those few of us with little background in the cannabis industry came away much better informed about the history, legislation, regulation, and future of legal MJ in California.

    Time well spent…

  2. Common Sense says:

    So Richard….what specifically is the “Right Way”… there a video somewhere of the event….not everyone that works can make business hours….thx

    Do you think they are “Seriously” going to consider allowing Prop 64 Businesses operate and the Millions in Tax Revenues that it would bring?….or was this all show….knowing full well what they have already decided?

    If the Eventual answer is “Not in our Backyard”……then I have but one Question to that choice…..what is your PLAN to offset the lost Millions per year?

    • Richard Christoph says:


      The video of the meeting in its entirety was easily found just now on the City of Redding’s website.

      • Common Sense says:

        Mr. Vaupel has some concerns about the enforcement and funding…..Well, Mr. Vaupel….if the City Says NO not in my backyard….there will be no additional funding for enforcement!….Let’s keep in mind….It is Currently Legal to Grow 6 plants inside….for anyone 21 and older anywhere in California…including Redding( NOW). So there are and will be thousands of people growing in the City of Redding…..and if you have said NO we don’t want to allow Commercial growing in our fine city….you Won’t be Able to Enforce much of anything!….as he said…..we only have two code enforcement officers currently!

        So the only Logical way to fund more Code Enforcement officers is to say YES….Yes to Prop 64…Yes to the Millions of dollars of new tax money….for all these issues….

        One thing is for sure….if you make it TOO difficult for people to grow, that want to or need to grow…..they will continue…..and there will be no tax money for the Government….no permit fees….no permit fee revenue…..

        The state has a pretty intensive set of rules and regulations on cultivating cannabis…no sense in trying to re create the wheel!

        So to Recap…..It’s legal now…whether anyone likes it or not…’s legal…..the Real Question really is….do you want to get some Tax Money City of Redding and Shasta County?? Or not?.…if you say….please have your PLAN drawn up, on how you are to Off set the Lost Millions in Tax Revenue- should you decide to say NO….

        If you are Serious about doing it right and want to seriously consider it….look at what the other states have done! Learn from them…..adopt the good stuff….LEARN from their mistakes…..

  3. Carter Slade says:

    Just like the COR. Show them the possibility of big bucks and they can’t get on the cannabis bus fast enough…or is it?  Barry DeWalt is the quintessential Reefer Madness fox guarding the “never in our town” henhouse and now he wants to help put on the “We love all stoners” show.

    I’ll bet Bethel chick/council member Winter is already preparing a disagreement letter straight from the Bethel pulpit titled something like “Hell No Or No More Dough!”.  The Redding City Council has shown little to no willingness to even begin to understand or be compassionate with the cannabis crowd other than they have ruled it’s ok to offend your neighbor by growing in the city backyards.  Dispensaries are banned and offending thy neighbor with the same so called stench from the same amount of plants that are banned in the county 2 miles away is cool.

    You have a long ways to go Massa Barry, before the local cannabis crowd will believe you and your council are really wanting to listen and learn and do something positive…Hmmmm, what are you really up to Barry…?

  4. Art McBride says:

    I attended the meeting and agree with Richard Christoph. It was informative and the attorney and code enforcement staff seemed to listen to both sides.
    The state is setting up the rules and requirements which will govern the entire seed to user process. The city does not have to have complicated rules beyond those of the state. And , after the comments from the person with a false name who made some cogent comments regarding taxing and fees which got the staff pencils moving, the resulting City rules and regulations may actually be reasonable.
    We shall see sometime around December.

  5. Richard Christoph says:

    An interesting article on this topic from yesterday’s edition of The Hill:

  6. Common Sense says:

    Thank Richard Christoph for supplying the link to the city meeting. I reviewed the meeting and found it to be much more Civil than what I have heard from other meetings. A good thing… gets anywhere at any meeting screaming at the panel!

    If we look at the History of the Plant itself it has been traced back as far as 12,000 years in a grave with a skeleton. It has been used Medicinally in the Asian Culture as Medicine for Over 2500 years….it has tremendous benefits for Veterans with P.T.S.D and a host of other ailments.

    It was used in the Majority of the U.S.A Pharmacopeia up until the early 1930’s….why? Because it worked.

    It was outlawed and bastardized not based on scientific Fact….but by a group of Billionaires- W.R. Hearst and some others….He feared the Hemp Plant would some day put his Timber Industry out of Business!

    Nixon started the whole propaganda campaign and the rest is History……Talk about Create a HUGE Black Market!

    There are Three Main “Experts on Cannabis”….. Dr. Manuel Guzman-Spain/ Dr. Lester Grinspoon=USA and Dr. Raphael Mechulom-Israel….they are the leading Experts on the plant….there are plenty of other excellent Scientists also….but none out there that have researched it for 50 years like Raphael!

    It’s quite a Hypocrisy that the USA Government Dept of Health and Sciences owns the Patent on the CBD Cannabinoids and their Medical Benefits but says its a Terrible Terrible thing!

    Its called….Follow the Money!……If the plant is Legalized across the board….RX stocks will decline…..their only option at that Point is to get on the Green Train……or close shop…… G.W Pharmaceuticals has already learned that and is at the Forefront of the Cannabis as Medicine and has developed many Cannabis Related Drugs and their Stock has gone through the roof over the years….

    So in Summary….Follow the Money!

    • cheyenne says:

      In the Denver Cannabist, google it too many articles to link.

      The National Association of Cannabis Businesses(NACB) was formed Thursday in DC.  It is hiring lobbists and led by a business team.  It’s slogan is “Be Ready” for when, not if, marijuana is legalized on the federal level.  These people are not standing by moaning about politicians on social media but are taking an active role, just like Big Tobacco, Big Pharma, Big Oil or any other Big.  And with billions of possible dollars in the future you can be sure NACB will be as well funded as any Big.

  7. Common Sense says:

    So what will the city have in Mind to Offset the Lost Millions in Tax Revenues by Saying No to Prop 64? What PLAN do they have to Replace these jobs in the link below by saying NO? We are looking at 200+ jobs being created and Millions in Tax Revenues per year by saying YES……So when they say No in October( which they will ) ….What is their plan?

    And if they Really Want to play some Mind Games….Look for a…..we will expand the “Moratorium” until Dec 31st…..ahhh…to ahhhh…you know….think about it some more!….Don’t want to Rush into those Millions and Jobs……

    At least Be Honest City of REDDING…..if you have NO intention to allow Jobs and Millions into the city just say it……we don’t want this…….we have plenty of Money and Jobs….and We don’t have a PLAN to offset the losses by saying NO to 64 ….we just don’t like it at our Church!….So Sorry….No Money For YOU!

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