Dark Angel Debuting on Masterpiece Sunday on KIXE


Mary-Ann Mowbary is a woman in grief. She's just lost four of her six children, and has returned to her mother's home in Yorkshire with her husband, a dockside laborer. Soon, death will come for a fifth. Her husband, thinking of the family, takes out a life insurance policy. When he is injured and can't work, Mary Ann gets an idea. A ghastly one. Thus begins a tale of one woman's descent into darkness, one that will leave over 20 people dead over the course of the next fourteen years.

Dark Angel, written and produced by Gwyneth Hughes, and directed by Brian Parcinal, stars Downton Abbey's Joanne Froggat as the murderous Mary-Ann Mowbary, and Jonas Armstrong, previously BBC's Robin Hood, as her longtime lover, Joe. Froggat's performance here is a far cry from her gentle, put-upon Anna Bates. She's cool here, almost cold, with the reptile stare of a woman who sees those around her as obstacles, and is all too ready to be rid of them.

Dark Angel is a moody production. The sky is perpetually overcast, the interiors gloomy. It gives an excellent view in the lives of the lower classes in the 1860's in England. It is a dark tale, showing murder after murder, with little relief between the funerals, as is appropriate. Its central character is a monster, and the film rarely leaves her. It's not a comforting film, but it is an evocative one.

Dark Angel debuts on Masterpiece Sunday, May 21st at 9:00 p.m. on KIXE Channel 9.

Chad Grayson
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6 Responses

  1. Melanie says:

    I’m curious to see it but I loved her so much as Anna that I am worried it would be weird to see her as a serial killer!

  2. C Balkcom says:

    When I saw the preview for Dark Angel,  I had to read up on it.  I love Joanne Froggat and to now be able to see a dark side is simply heart pounding.  I fell in love with her as Anna, felt every emotion while watching her in her role.

    She is quite and amazing actress and now I can add to my collection.  I cant wait for Dark Angel to premier tonight.



  3. Pamela Moore says:

    May pass this one up for Madam Secretary.  Love Masterpiece, but this sounds like a real downer and I’m not in the mood for 20 consecutive murders in a couple of hours!  I did love Joanne Froggat in Downton and can’t imagine her in this part…..a testament to her wonderful acting prowess.  However, I may get curious, tune to KCPT, get caught up in the movie, and then be upset with myself for not watching it from the beginning.

  4. Eileen Hudson.. says:

    Just turned on t.v. To watch this..loved her as Anna.

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