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  1. Beverly Stafford says:

    What’s the local reaction to the passing of Trumpcare in the House?

  2. Hollyn Chase says:

    I feel sick.

  3. Richard Christoph says:


    Quite aside from the merits or demerits of capital punishment itself, I have long pondered the controversy over lethal injection, with the recent executions in Arkansas again bring that issue to the forefront.

    Given the fact that many people die daily of opioid overdoses, does anyone know why a large dose of oxycodone, fentanyl, or morphine is not used to terminate life instead of the problematic three-drug cocktail?


    • Rod says:

      Yes, I have researched the idea a bit.  It’s very weird.

      Scientists rather than herbalists created the cocktail in response the guilty consciences of the masses.  Individuals in private contemplations, tend to accept the need of the death penalty.  Groups and congregations become holier than thou.

      Today’s choice of the matter, likes to grow government and pretend to agree with the no-death penalty.  Each bad-guy necessitates the employment of dozens of care-takers, all unionized and paid by taxpayers to be inhumane.

      Old cultures enforced the death penalty for 2 main reasons…cost control and mercy.  The village execution was a sacred enactment presided over by everyone.  Our current shortage of humanity towards fellow man has dictated science to solve the riddle.


    • name says:

      I have been asking about this for some years.  Rather than screw around with multiple drugs that have an iffy track record (and are now unavailable for purchase by prison systems), why not just overdose them on street drugs?  One shot of a very high grade heroin/fentanyl, mixed with xanax would do the job within minutes.  Maybe they are afraid that the prisoner would get high for a minute or two before death, which would be against regulations.  What a joke this system has turned out to be…

      I would prefer Utah’s version – the firing squad.  Death would be almost instant, rather than a long & drawn out process due to inept Docs mishandling the injections (and using ineffective drugs).

  4. kerr, david says:

    The democrats over-reached with the ACA.  It cost them congress, the White House and the Supreme Court.  W over-reached with the war in Iraq, and it cost the Republicans the White House and congress for four years.

    The Republican tax reforms could lead to 3% annual GDP growth.  That is the top priority.  The health care debate is a dress rehearsal for the tax reform debate.  The Republicans showed they must unite behind a plan, just like the Democrats did behind their agenda in 2009-10.  The process of legislation with messy debate and compromises is disturbing to watch.

    The ACA could have been a modest expansion of Medicaid and children’s medicaid, followed by further rounds of expansion to a popular program.

    In sports, business, romancing a woman, the military, etc.  over-reaching can be an expensive mistake.  If the democrats want to grow government, turn people against the free markets and raise the entitlement mentality, they should do it in many small steps.


      Bosh!  “Small step” versus Koch very large cash?

      • K. Beck says:

        That 3% GDP growth will all go to the top 1% of the population. THAT is the top priority!

        This congress is bound and determined to get rid of Medicaid. I guess you haven’t been paying attention. Oh wait, Medicaid must been one of those “entitlement mentality” programs you speak of.  The ACA is a “popular program.” Is it perfect? No. But it could be tweaked one part at a time and fixed to make it perfect. The Republicans have NEVER had a program. Period. Now they see their chance to ram rod something through Congress that will benefit no one but the 1%.

    • Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

      Other things that the GOP thought/think were huge overreaches:

      Social Security, Medicare, Depression-era water projects in the western U.S. (incl. Shasta Dam), muscling up for WWII, civil rights, school integration, expansion of the National Park system, establishment of a wilderness system, the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act, the space program (except for military purposes), funding for basic research, regulations on food and drugs, limitations on the Wall Street casinos, etc., etc.

      The one thing that the GOP has steadfastly supported* since WWII: Spending money on the military. We spend more money on our military than the next eight countries combined—but President Drumph says that’s not good enough, so he’s proposing to raise military spending.  His GOP cohorts in Congress can’t do that except through budget reconciliation, so that means deep cuts wherever Drumph and the Congress can find them.

      *Notwithstanding GOP president Dwight Eisenhower’s famous warning about the growth of the military-industrial complex.

      Winners: military contractors.  Losers: everyone else.



    • Common Sense says:

      Trump’s Tax Plan will only add to the Deficient between $2.6T and $10 T…..depending on who you listen to!

      Giving tax cuts to the wealthiest folks and continuing the Corporate Welfare in the Billions while taking food off of Grannies Dinner plate and lunch away from poor kids…..can someone show me in the Bible where that is acceptable?….At least stop calling yourselves Christians if you subscribe to this Logic…..

      Walmart gets tons of tax breaks and corporate welfare……and the Public pays for most of their workers Health Care costs!

      No….Mexico is NOT paying for your wall……NO this tax plan is not going to cut the Deficient!….It’s going to benefit the Corporations and the Rich…….that Swamp…..its getting deeper…..that thing bumping up against your waist in that Swamp?….that’s an Alligator…..and they named him Donald….He opens up his mouth( very wide)….and those teeth are very sharp……but for some….they don’t see teeth that are sharp….they see mini stalactites growing in a wondrous cavern…..

      The GDP would have to be at around 4.5% to pay for the tax cuts……HELLO…….

  5. A. Jacoby says:

    The ACA was never meant to be an “end all, be all.” It was meant to be a starting point from which to take small steps and to be tweaked into improvement. Scrapping the whole thing and strain over is throwng the baby out with the bath water.


    If Trump Administration goal is to reduce US population to 3rd World barbarism, gutting social services is a necessary step.  People lacking “structure” within their community to lay out what to do when faced with various emergencies fall back into superstition and rituals in times of crisis.  Thus, if your goal is to render a population less rational, you systematically disrupt their sense of “being in control” by a) making jobs less secure, b) forcing migrations in order to find work (thus tearing up the fabric of extended family-community ties), c) standing all expectations of “routine” on their ear by means of “now you see it; now you don’t” shifts of policy.  Insecure people hunker down, don’t worry about “far off” issues (such as a warfare state or public corruption), but rather focus on very short-range survival issues affecting themselves and their immediate families.  They revert to “tribal” in the narrow sense of suspicion of strangers or of innovation and being suggestible to “triggers” that focus their insecurity of “strawman” targets — race, ethnicity, etc.  You end up with a fear-based mob, not a community of self-respecting citizens.  You can use force to control a mob or use the mob to neutralize opposition.  It’s a “win-win” for oligarchs.


    Doni, Why is this thread “lost”?  I looked in all the categories and couldn’t find it anywhere.

  8. Common Sense says:

    An interesting new website has popped up….asking for the Community to Donate to fund the Police Dept’s Neighborhood unit. I find it quite interesting that Bethel would not put their name on this website-if they did it?. Asking for donations but not knowing WHOM in particular this is that is asking….or Where Specifically this money goes and for what Specific Purpose it is used for…..So For Starters….Who are you?…..Where is the Money Going Specifically? Will 100% of the Money be used Exclusively for the NPU?…If not….where is the money going?

    Julie Winter was sent a general plan of how the city could take in Millions of Dollars in Tax Revenues with Prop 64……but we never heard a word about that, did we?….Apparently, Julies Church Doesn’t go along with the Voters in the State on this New Prop? So instead of even Talk about the Possibility of the City of Redding taking in Millions by allowing Prop 64 Businesses to operate in the City….we set up websites asking for money because there is not enough for the Police Dept…..amazing!

    • cheyenne says:

      CS, you bring up something interesting.  Here in Wyoming marijuana is not being legalized probably due more to reefer madness than anything else.  You may be living in the only city in the nation that has a council member, according to Bethel’s website, that believes God cures everything.  Even in Salt Lake City, where I grew up, the Mormons believe God needs help.

      • Common Sense says:

        Well, they are smart in my Opinion then! It all boils down to an open mind….how can one learn anything if they “Know it all?”…….Prescription Drugs serve a purpose….but the sad fact is….the RX companies and their Dollars, kind of control the Government!….it’s funny what a ton of Money can do to a Politician!

        It says right in the Bible……I don’t know the exact words but something to the effect “I give you all the Plants and Seeds to use for your Benefit”…..perhaps a Christian Scholar can point out that particular Scripture?

        Cannabis has been the Amway of the Plant world now for many many years…..someday…..when enough people open up their minds….and actually see what it does and how it heals….they will be where I was as a NON believer of the plant 5 years ago!….There is NO way this plant can do all these wonderous things I was thinking!….thank goodness a couple helped “Educate me” on the topic!…..I was raised, it’s the Devils Drug….along with my parents and their parents….but only through opening up my mind and at least looking at all the info did I find…that indeed…’s an amazing plant that has been Demonized all for the sake of Money~! Does it cure everything out there? NO… fact many people come to it way too late in the game…after going through the chemo….after going through the Radiation….only when they are on their last days….then….and only then…for many…do they open up their minds and say….”What do I have to Lose?”……if people went to it at the Beginning instead of the end… would be a whole different story in my Opinion…but then….you can lead a Horse to water……you know the rest…… The Biggest Hypocrisy I see is the Government that funded research for many many years in Israel….but continuously say….it’s a terrible drug….. The U.S Government has a Patent on the Medical Benefits of CBD for goodness sake… about speaking out of both sides of one’s mouth!

    • Carter Slade says:

      Hey CS…It’s also interesting that our local news rag seems to be staying as far away from the Bethel loan thing as possible. It takes an out of town paper to let us know the deal…

      • Common Sense says:

        Indeed Carter!…..Its not a loan…it was a gift…..and many gifts come with strings attached….Not all,but many…..if not Obvious….Implied…..Cannabis is not the Only thing that could help fund the City Through allowing Prop 64 Businesses operate…..But It would create jobs….and tax revenues….. and possibly fill up that Stillwater Business Park once and for all!….You know…..if you build it….they will come……I said IF YOU BUILD IT THEY…..well….you know the rest.

        It’s such as Shame….we live in such a beautiful area….surrounded by Mountains….Lakes…..Rivers….Streams……if only the Elected Officials would open up their minds….at least,look, into how many Million $$ in Taxes they could take in….how many jobs could be created…….but without more money……to fund the Police Dept…..the Drug Rehab Programs…..Housing money etc…..nothing will change……we will still hear……”there is not enough money”….we can’t do this and that ( they can’t even fix all the roads for Gods Sake)…..I am all for any other Business or Businesses that could provide that kind of tax money for the city….but I have not seen any yet?

        I am not saying they have to like it or the idea…heck I don’t like paying my taxes! But I also realize….its my obligation!…..So Do what is Right for the Community….That’s all we ask…..What Benefits the Community??….Would more Money Benefit the Community?…..What if Bethel Can’t keep up with the need for More $?….Will the People at Bethel start door knocking next?….Hello….Yeah…..Can I say a Prayer for you real quick?…and…..we are like…here to raise money for the Police Dept……KNOCKS FOR COPS…..

  9. Frank Treadway says:

    The ACA will not get dumped by the Senate, prediction.  Then the bill goes back to LaMalfa to become the moderate he’s always wanted to be (ha). On Monday, May 8th, 35 local activists, of both parties, held a Sit-In in the Redding office, leaving LaMalf’a’s staff flummoxed and frustrated why their boss voted to deny them  their ACA coverage. Again, Mr. One of Us is not listening to his constituents, an overwhelming 2600 attendees at his 23 TownHall meetings gave him the Don’t Agree sign 99% of the time.

    • Steve Murray says:

      LaMalfa is resistant to his constituents needs . I have been hectoring him via email about his vote on Obamacare. I’m sure his office has been overwhelmed with emails like mine. All to no avail. He is not one of us, he is a wealthy rancher who I’m pretty sure is sucking the government teat via crop subsidies. Prove me wrong Doug! He must go!


  10. Common Sense says:

    How would people act once they realized….that we are all connected?

  11. Common Sense says:

    And the Benno Trial Cost us how much?…..Here’s where the REAL problems are folks!

    The thought that so much time effort and energy, not to mention money, is going into fighting a natural plant with health benefits….amazing!

  12. Just a Frustrated Redding Resident says:

    So I get this today from the Next Door Neighbors Website-

    I thought BETHEL donated $500k to the Cause??? Why are you Pandering for more?

    How about you guys down there OPEN UP YOUR MINDS and start looking at Steady ways to Fund the NPU???

    What’s next ? Door Knocking?….My Goodness!



    Deputy City Manager Greg ClarkCity of Redding AGENCY

    Due to budgetary constraints, the five-person Neighborhood Policing Unit (NPU) is losing funding. The Redding Public Safety Campaign is led by Redding residents who want to insure that our city is safe and thriving, and they are trying to raise money by June 1st to keep the NPU in place. The NPU is a specialized unit, proactively taking down drug dealers, sex rings, sexual offenders, illegal firearms dealers and more in Redding. If you want to join the Redding Public Safety Campaign, visit the website for more info on getting involved:…Read more


    May 15 in Crime & Safety to City of Redding

  13. Common Sense says:

    Yesterday Marked the Tipping Point in the Drama of the Tumultuous Presidency of #45 . The shoe has dropped…..HISTORY is in the Making……your kids or Grandkids will someday read about this in textbooks or be discussing it in their History classes at school.

    This is not a Business…..this is not a Business Deal……this is our Country and the future of American Democracy is at stake… should be interesting in the next 6-9 months as everything comes out.

    05/16/2017 ….. The Day The Avalanche started down the hill……a Day that changed the Momentum and led to a Historical First in our Country is now unfolding right before our very eyes…..

  14. I know this is super late notice, but I have ONE ticket for tonight’s play at Riverfront, “Charlie’s Aunt” – 7:30 p.m., ticket at will call. First person to claim it gets it. 🙂

  15. Marc Carter says:

    Hey RV Scheide, are you still aboard the Trump train?


  16. Common Sense says:

    Out of #45’s Own Mouth!

    But I can always speak for myself and the Russians.…..Ummm Ooops.…. 8 seconds into the Video……so the question now is….how many will go down with #45?….Pence ?…Sessions who lied under Oath?…Flynn-for sure… many others do you think?

    I guess there will be a point….someday in the future….where some….probably not many, but some, will reflect on their support and vote for #45…..What the HXXX did we do here?…… That Cognitive Dissonance thing….yet again!

    And if Ya’ll believe this is a witch hunt and fake news and the Liberals are out to get him….I got some Swampland  I would like to sell you….oh wait…..The Swamp is Filling UP now…. not being Drained!… But he said…….

  17. cheyenne says:

    While the Trump train seems to be coming off the tracks what other train is there?  The HRC train that never made it out of the station?

    • Beverly Stafford says:

      But would it have if’n Comey hadn’t restarted the e-mail investigation 11 days prior to the election?

  18. Marc Carter says:

    Again, RV Scheide: Are you still onboard the Trump train?  Does he have your support today?

    • Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

      R.V. has spoken to this elsewhere.  I don’t want to put words in his mouth, but based on what he’s posted recently, I’d interpret his current view as:

      The Trump Train has derailed.  The petals have fallen off the rose.  I’m going to take a hot shower, take a long ride on my motorcycle,  followed by another hot shower.

      He’s free to correct me if that’s off base.

  19. Common Sense says:

    While I disagree with how Comey handled the whole Clinton email thing, I will say this….the LAST people you want to piss off are the people in the Intelligence Community!….They have ALL the dirt on All the Players… think you have seen some leaks so far?….Hang onto that beer….It’s going to get Awfully Bumpy folks!

    #45 is coming off the Hinges……unraveling daily…his Pathology is showing its stars and stripes….

    While I must say I have to give credit to #45 for his efforts to try and plug the 1000 plus holes in his rusty old ship (must be awfully tiring)….there is enough water entering that ship right now that the Rats are trying to get to dry ground about now!…..Look for 5+ others in the Circle to Face charges in the near future…..we are now shifting over to a Criminal Angle… far will they go down the rabbit hole? Any ones guess….but one thing is for sure…..This Will Go Down In History!….makes Watergate look like Kindergarten…..

    They Call them Intelligence folks for a reason….These are some of the Brightest most Intelligent people in this Country working within that Community….all with very HIGH Critical Thinking Skills…..When they can log in and track your car and tell you the numbers on your license plate via Satellite…..don’t think for a moment they won’t get to the Bottom of this Cess Pool!…..Buckle up…’s going to be a Bumpy 3-6 Months!

  20. Rod says:

    I notice today that the trusty old rusty train is building momentum on the world scene.  It feels to me that…the Arabian Knights are receiving our POTUS with outstretched arms.  The first Lady looks to be first in a male dominated society.  Beauty and sobriety in Saudi Arabia.

    The Demo-rats look around at each and wonder “Now what”?

    Take a clue rats,  you’re running down America.  Everything here is “alleged”.  Nothing is fact.  You want to tear down but don’t have a clue why or even where to proceed.  It’s ignorance in America on parade.  Being ugly for the sake of being ugly isn’t acceptable.

    I watched on cable the POTUS, first Lady and first Daughter capture the hearts and minds of the Arab people.  It was the highest honor possible.  Can somebody explain how the overseas leaders and media can be so opposed to our at home American ways?


    • Marc Carter says:

      “Demo-rats”, you say? Are you calling the NY Times, The Washington Post, The Economist and Reuters sources of Demo-rats now? Who’s son-in-law preceded Trump’s visit to SA with offerings of a weapons trade deal, by the way, Rod?

      SC repubs! You would have to follow the sound of banjos all the way to the deep south to find anything similar to compare them to.




    • Common Sense says:

      Rod…thank you….I need a very good belly laugh today!….Good stuff my Friend!

      For starters…..It doesn’t matter what other people in other Countries do or accept.What matters is what we Americans do and say and how that affects us here in Our Country! If Hitler were alive and well and #45 were greeted warmly by him, would that make you feel better?…

      The First Lady….She’s Pretty….and it about stops there….

      What is Running Down America, is a Leader that has Lowered the Bar So Low….has Stepped on and pissed on any Protocol or Semblance of Honor or Respect and has lowered the bar to the point that even movie stars are now thinking of running in 2020. And that’s before we even get into the constant Lies and His Pathology!

      You can put lipstick on a pig and a wig and clothing….but at the end of the day…..the fact is….it’s still a pig…..regardless if the media tells you otherwise….or people in another Country.

      The highest Honor possible? Being accepted by people in the Arab world?….perhaps you forget about Honoring the Constitution/The Framework of our great Democracy …..the people killed in the wars and other things of True Honor? Telling the Truth…..Having Integrity….Those are things to HONOR……We have a real difference in what Honor means…..that’s for sure!……WE should be Honoring our Democracy…Our Constitution and those that wrote it….the Men and Women that Gave their lives for this Country….Those….those are things to Honor! Not someone else’s Opinions of what is right!


      With an Approval Rating as low as #45’s currently is….those with Critical Thinking Skills that are Conservative are changing their opinions…..I think he has lost what, 13% of the Conservatives that voted for him …those are the things to take note of…… Sure sure…there are plenty that suffer from Illusory correlation but the hope is….they too, will see the light….the facts… they were Fleeced…..and Learn from it…..You know…the wall thing….and so on….

      There is hope though…for those that want to develop some Critical Thinking Skills…that want to start separating Facts from Fiction….but it takes work…..a lot of work actually…… Steve Towers can attest to this…..He is a Prime Example of a Man with Elevated Critical Thinking Skills and a Higher Education…Separating the Facts from Fallacies…and quite quickly I must admit!

      Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion…just not their own Facts!

      For the many that don’t want to do the work….develop better Critical Thinking Skills….they will be in line with rest of the Sheepole…..baaa…..baa…being feed from the Troughs of the Media….Programmed by design…..believing that those white things in the blue sky are not clouds…those are cotton…..little cotton balls…..


    • Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

      Saudi Arabia is a totalitarian theocracy and the original incubator of what has become one of the worst cancers on the planet—Sunni fundamentalism/terrorism.

      You can celebrate Drumpf seeing eye-to-eye with the dictatorial swine that make up the House of Saud if you like.  I’m going to go ahead and keep viewing it as a wretched abomination.

      Lastly:  “Demo-rats”?  Even your fellow crazier-than-a-fish-with-titties InfoWars commenters would see that as a trite, tired, hackneyed cliché

  21. cheyenne says:

    And there is a new train starting up.  In Colorado.  Colorado has posted the lowest unemployment rate in their history, 2.3%.  That is boosting the whole Rocky Mountain region economy, southeastern Wyoming and the Nebraska panhandle.  Much of the credit has been given to Governor Hickenlooper who has sent out signals he may run for the Democratic presidential candidate.  While he has detractors he does seem to referee the political landscape in purple Colorado quite well.

    • Common Sense says:

      Excellent news there Cheyenne! Do you think the Unemployment rate is the result of the legalization? With an Unemployment rate That LOW they are doing something right!

  22. Common Sense says:

    If you voted for #45 and feel a bit Duped right now….take heed….it’s not your Fault!…..You were sold a Bill of Goods….you were lied to and more than likely you watched a lot of Fox News. The start of the “Fake News” Started with Fox News….Deliberately Misinforming people to basically program them with non-truths for a Specific Agenda! The true Alternative Facts is not a new Trump thing…..he has just brought it to the forefront….The Originators of this can be traced back to Roger and Fox News….

    You can Thank Roger for this one!

    I was a Conservative for 95% of my life…but then over the many years….I didn’t like how things changed with the party…and so many things did! I guess as I get older in life I realize… is important…but it’s not everything….and when your policies take food off of a poor grandmothers plate…away from a poor child with a school lunch….that’s not right in my book! If cut the Welfare for Corporations and made the cuts Across the board….Everyone has to pay to cut the Deficient….well at least that would make more sense….but not give the Millionaires and Billionaires the real tax breaks and watch people potentially die because they can not afford health care premiums because you took away the payments to the insurance companies.

  23. Common Sense says:

    Depending on who you talk to, or what common sense media outlet you subscribe to, the fact is…..#45 Will Be Impeached…..there are too many holes in this ship to float much longer….A very good question to ask ourselves is….who will be stepping up to the plate….Will Pence fill in and become President?….What if Pence is Dirty also?…Will they look into Pence If they start the Impeachment Proceedings….or will they let him slide knowing he would be a Much more Stable leader?

    I predict Impeachment Proceedings to start as early as the 31st of this Month…May…..2017

    The writing is on the wall…..and speaking of walls……no Mexico is not paying for it……

    There are at least 4-5 ways that they can take it….up and Including Treason….IF, it has been found that he Colluded…..too many holes…….

    Let us Remember History for a Moment….It’s not always the crimes but the “Cover-ups” that bring the ship down.

    • cheyenne says:

      Remember history.  Bill Clinton was impeached and when the Republicans tried to tie the midterm elections to his sex scandal they lost big.  Now the Democrats are avoiding tying their GOP opponents to Trump and focusing on their opponents own failings.  Bashing Trump has become a dead issue for most voters.

      • Common Sense says:

        Let’s all sing together……and the ending of the song.…. “I did nothing wrong”…..I actually believe that he believes this, in his own mind…..The Cognitive Dissonance Runs too deep…..too deep for his followers…….even after it all comes out…..they will blame it all on someone else….it had to have been someone elses’ fault this all happened…The Cool Aid has different flavors….and it has been ingested…….and don’t forget to buy the daughters products….even after it is all forgotten and behind you!

      • Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

        “Bashing Trump has become a dead issue for most voters.”

        Maybe in Wyoming.

        Let’s not forget history, indeed.  After a witch hunt that dragged on for years, Clinton was impeached for lying about a sexual affair.  Most Americans regarded that affair as extremely sordid—but none of Congress’s bees wax—and reacted accordingly in the mid-terms.

        If Drumpf gets impeached, it’s probably going to be for his team’s collusion with the Russians during the election, or for obstructing the FBI’s investigation into Russia’s meddling (the latter to which Drumpf has already confessed on national TV, like the fool he is).

        Republicans can pretend that Drumpf accepting help from Putin during the election (or just trying to hide it after the fact) is a tempest in a piss pot compared with 43 getting a hummer from an underling and lying about it, but that doesn’t come within miles of passing the laugh test.

        • Rod says:

          Drumpf———-A political slur????????


          • Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

            “Drumpf” is most assuredly meant as a slur.  It brings to mind someone with a red ball nose, large floppy shoes, and a sour disposition.

            Drumpf the Constipated Clown of Twittertown.

            But it’s also the Drumpf family’s actual name when they emigrated to the US, Anglicized by Drumpf’s grandfather.

            The original spelling of my surname was “Tours,” from the city in central France. The city name originates from the pre 7th century Gaelic tribe named “Turones” by the Romans. If you want to make fun of that, knock yourself out.

  24. Beverly Stafford says:

    Did anyone else watch the Masterpiece production of Charles III?  I found it very disturbing because the people being portrayed are living.  It would be like making a film in which Trump is killed off and Pence is sworn while both are in office and living.  No matter how you feel about Trump – and I think I’ve made my feelings clear – it would still be disturbing to view a film about his demise and the aftermath while he’s alive.

  25. Rod says:

    And the train keeps accelerating.  The Arab Muslim American Summit in Saudi Arabia,  is on track with the campaign of DJT.  Terrorism must stop. Peace must prevail.

    I like the plan to build 150 Blackhawk Attack Airships in Arabia.  They can be closer to the spot fires that flare-up.  Peace in the region will help to eliminate the hell that radical Islam has perpetrated throughout the World.

    Our society here in America is young compared to the Arabs.  We are but children, we still have a lot to learn.  Our self-importance in the governing of the free World is on display.  DJT and his family are the most watched humans anywhere, of any time.  I think the train ought to get out and about more,  make the tough speeches, close the right deals.  Let the social problems in America feel some slack reins.


    • Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

      You have to be pretty far beyond the fringe to find much to admire about Saudi Arabia.  We still have a lot to learn from that totalitarian theocracy/monarchy?  The primary exporter of fundamentalist Islamic terrorism on the planet?  The country that gave us all but one of the 19 terrorists that knocked down two skyscrapers in New York City and smashed another jet into the Pentagon, killing four shy of 3,000 victims, including 343 firefighters and 72 LE officers attempting to rescue people?  A society that, absent the trappings of oil money, is still living in the Dark Ages?  You admire those Arabs?

      In the words of Bugs Bunny:  What an embezzle. What a maroon.

      (Unless you’re trolling, pretending to be a Trump-supporting gas-bag.  If that’s the case, well done.)

      • Rod says:

        Yeah that post was before my Sunday morning spin through Burney, Hat Creek and Shingletown.  I have even better ideas now!

        It’s amazing how every time I ride hard and move out, my perception adjusts.  140 miles of flirting with death by my own hands allows the creative juices to flow, life is great.  I really can see more clearly now.

        Democrats are like the latest bug collection on my faceshield.  Need to be careful,  they’re everywhere.  Mostly though, just in the way, causing a mess, not a sincere thought in the mind.  Just splat!  The Democrats do go splat.


        • Barbara Rice Barbara Rice says:

          Hey – your comment was amended to remove slur toward political party. Keep it civil. Name-calling is not conductive to discourse here.

        • Joanne Lobeski Snyder says:

          You are too kooky Rod.  Belonging to the democratic party has nothing to do with race, religion, sexual orientation or national origins.  And like all of these groups, democrats are diverse and there are millions of them.  Members of my family who survived concentration camps in WWII became Democrats when they were allowed to come to the U.S.   All of my first generation American relatives were Democrats.  You have no concept of why they were.  You’re opinion is meaningless to me because you have so little knowledge of history and the political relationships that have existed between different countries for years.

          • Rod says:

            Yeah, I know what you mean.  You close your mind and fall back to keeping the home-wars raging. No need to change nor adapt to today, by all means, keep the hate at the forefront.

            We live in the new World.


        • Joanne Lobeski Snyder says:

          You are too kooky Rod.  Belonging to the democratic party is a personal choice and has nothing to do with race, religion, sexual orientation or national origins.  And like all of these groups, democrats are diverse and there are millions of them.  Members of my family who survived concentration camps in WWII became Democrats when they were allowed to come to the U.S.   All of my first generation American relatives were Democrats.  You have no concept of why they were.  You’re opinion is meaningless to me because you have so little knowledge of history and the political relationships that have existed between different countries for years.

          • Beverly Stafford says:

            I was accused by a die-hard Republican of being on the fence when I said I was an independent.  My response?  Why should I support either main party when neither represents me?

        • Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

          Rod — If your idea of creativity unleashed is “Democrats go splat,” you might want to reconsider.  Especially given that it’s in response to my post, and I haven’t been registered as a Democrat for by far the majority of my adult life (>30 years 3rd party or independent).

          We’ll see who goes “splat” in the mid-terms.  My bet is that it won’t be Democrats.  I think Americans will be looking for ways to induce gridlock until Orange Clown’s term runs out or he resigns, hip-deep in wreckage resulting from his incompetence (which, as it turns out, is its own form of gridlock).

    • Marc Carter says:

      Huh??  I don’t know about all of that but it appears he’s rallying the Saudi’s to-weapon up against Iran. Again, reckless and dangerous.

      The 43rd G7 summit will be held on May 26–27, 2017 in Taormina (ME), Sicily, Italy.

  26. K. Beck says:

    “The hijackers in the September 11 attacks were 19 men affiliated with al-Qaeda. Fifteen of the 19 were citizens of Saudi Arabia, and the others were from the United Arab Emirates (2), Egypt, and Lebanon.[1] The hijackers were organized into four teams, each led by a pilot-trained hijacker with three or four “muscle hijackers,” who were trained to help subdue the pilots, passengers, and crew.”

    So we went to war with Iraq? Causing the whole Middle East to erupt in war. A perpetual war that will not be ended in my lifetime. George Orwell anyone? Thank you George II. I will never forget the photo of George II walking hand in hand with Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah at his ranch in Crawford, TX.

  27. cheyenne says:

    I am on a new train, The Rock/Tom Hanks train.  The Rock got me when he said he never felt qualified to be president but now thinks he is over qualified.

    • Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

      I don’t know that Middle America is ready for another black man from Hawaii as POTUS, but I’ll get on board.   I smell what The Rock is cookin’, and it beats well-done steak with a sided of catsup (Drumpf’s favorite meal).

  28. Common Sense says:

    #45 Will either Resign shortly…..or be Impeached…..I am starting to lean toward a Swift Resignation after he talks with Counsel on his way back from the Friends of the Desert Tour…..After all….he is like 70-71 or so?…overweight….out of shape…unless you consider Golf 1 time a week a Cardio sport!

    I am not too sure he can Handle an Impeachment really….his Ego is too Fragile…. with his Pathology….that would signal sure defeat!…And This….this can not happen…..

    My money is on a RESIGNATION between now….and the 31st of this month…..or shortly thereafter……Look for the Excuse to be “It’s my Failing HEALTH”……..See…that way… HIS Mind……it was all just a Bad Dream! He did nothing wrong….it was all the Liberals fault…and he moves on!

    We should see some talk also on the way out like “Hey look at the numbers!…..I negotiated a $150 Billion Deal for us!……We did a lot of Great things in such a short time!….and would have done so much more if my Health wasn’t so Bad!…and the Liberals were on such a Witch Hunt…..”

    • Rod says:

      CS you’ve ruined the balance here——-#45 is a political slur.   I’m sure that was your intention, yes?


      • Gary Tull says:

        Rod, I stand with JLS  here. Your comments are often offensive, kooky and full of gas-bag nonsense.

        • Rod says:

          Do yourself a favor and reread Joanne’s post.

          You like political slurs?  Personal attacks.  Biased censorship?




          • Barbara Rice Barbara Rice says:

            Stepping in here to clarify:

            There is a difference between saying “You are often offensive etc” and “Your comments are often offensive etc.”

            Below, Joanne apologized for a personal attack and clarified that it was the ideas she  didn’t care for.

            That is why this comment is allowed to stand.

          • Rod says:

            I agree, you justify biased censorship.  Everyone on every forum does it.  That’s fine.  Just be aware of the direction your path leads.

            You don’t justify political slurs.  Unless I’m singled out that is.

            I’m not highly educated, however I am highly intelligent.  Matching semantics is boring and cowardly. My vocabulary and English rules of conversation don’t make your standards, fine.  I’ll match debate with anyone.



  29. Common Sense says:

    Dear Conservatives….it takes a lot more Courage to Admit that you were wrong than double down. It’s a tough pill to swallow….I can only imagine….to place your confidence and vote with an Unstable Man that is Shredding the Core of Democracy.

    My biggest hope is that he doesn’t start a War now with Norther Korea, as the pressure mounts… know….Deflect the Attention elsewhere!

    It will only be real for some when their Medicaid is cut….when their Social Security check is smaller……then….perhaps…..the Clarity of thought will kick in?

  30. cheyenne says:

    President Pence, sounds presidential.  If, though it won’t happen, Trump resigns or is impeached a Republican will still be there.  And with Trump gone who are the Democrats going to blame?  The worst thing that could happen to the Democrat party is Trump leaves and the Dems, who have no candidate, have to face mainstream and united Republicans in 2018 and 2020.

    • Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

      Pence always has that look on his face—the look where he appears to be imagining everyone around him burning for eternity in the fires of Hell.  I’m not so sure I prefer a guy who probably envisions America at its inevitable peak to be a one-party fundamentalist theocracy.  I’ll take four years of the orange buffoon.

      • cheyenne says:

        Unless Trump catches “motel fever”, anybody who has read Hellstrom’s Hive will know what I’m talking about, we are going to get four more Orange years.

  31. Common Sense says:

    In Israel, Trump denies intel claim he was never accused of…..

    Well one less Spy on the Payroll……# 45 wants to clear the Air on the Fact that he Didn’t say the Spy was from Israel!…While IN ISRAEL……..that a boy…….if you give enough rope……

  32. Common Sense says:

    Fresh from the Netherlands….a stark investigative expose’ into the “Connections”…..some will say fake news…..some will pout….some will get Angry and want to slay the messenger…..decide for yourself…..

    You’ve been….Trumped

  33. Joanne Lobeski Snyder says:

    Rod, I apologize for calling you kooky.  I should have written that, to me,  some of your ideas are too far afield from reality and have no sound basis in logic or fact.   I think you know that and are having fun stirring the pot!


  34. cheyenne says:

    And in real news that everyone is concerned about, okay at least some of us, Tim Tebow just tied Michael Jordan’s home run record.

  35. Common Sense says:

    So #45 Might not be too good at math… worries… will only cost us $2 Trillion!

    So onto his success’s……he negotiated a large sale of weapons…..his family members got some good business deals done with Friends of the Desert……He will probably be Selling White Orbs now….look for those……Daughter will probably handle that line…….

  36. Common Sense says:

    Jill Stein has no comment….yeah….I guess is does look a bit odd huh Jill?….Just you and Flynn there…….about the Campaign contributions Jill….oh….NO comment again…..uh huh!

  37. “The Weight is Over” column took a week off. It will resume next week. 🙂

  38. Common Sense says:

    The : “Still Waiting” Business Park in Redding….Better Know as the Disaster at Stillwater Park……

    Directly from the Mayors Mouth- “It (the Stillwater Business Park) is a concern for me and a majority of the City Council,” he said. “You can’t do the same thing over and over again and expect different results.”

    So Mr. Weaver….I propose the following……Allow any and ALL Businesses that want to go in there….Go in there!

    Get with the City Council and Approve  ALL Cannabis Manufacturing and 3-5 Dispensaries in the City of Redding…

    Look up the Words “Cognitive Dissonance“……look in the Mirror and ask yourself….Does this apply to me?….and do the same for each and Every City Council Member! Then when you come to the conclusion that the Majority of the Citizens have…that YES you ALL Suffer from a very large dose of Cognitive Dissonance on the Topic of Cannabis…..change your Opinions…..and start Saying YES….instead of NO!!!

    Then Draw up, Where Specifically, You would like the $3-4 Million Dollars to go the first full year….and the additional MILLIONS of Tax dollars to go there after?……I understand we might be cutting some Firefighting jobs here soon??? If it wasn’t for Bethel….the NPU would have disappeared……

    I understand we might be cutting some Firefighting jobs here soon??? If it wasn’t for Bethel….the NPU would have disappeared……Shouldn’t we start doing what is in the Communities Best Interest?….Having more money to keep police and firefighters is a good thing? Yes?

    And as the Words from Mr. Weaver CLEARLY State……”you Can’t do the same things over and over and expect different results”!!…..So….when are we Going to Change our thoughts/Opinions/Beliefs ???? When ?

  39. Common Sense says:

    Have a Cell Phone that Gets Voicemails? Get Ready for a TON of unsolicited Straight to Voicemail Marketing Messages!

    The Republican National Committee is backing a petition that would allow political campaigns and businesses to leave automated messages on your voicemail, without your phone having to ring!

     Working hard for you  

    Working hard for America’s Corporations…..the RNC….. hard at work… off to cut the Medicaid/SS and take dinners from Grandparents and School Lunches away from the poor kids!

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