Landlord Provides a Local Office for the Guardian Angels

Tom Gandy, the owner of 1700 Market Street, is providing office space on a prominent corner to the Guardian Angel group. The group will maintain the office that is centrally located in the downtown Redding area to help improve the safety and prevent criminal activity. The organization was established in 1979 in New York City and a chapter was recently established in the Redding area.

The owner of the building is hoping that by supporting the organization there will be more of a presence in downtown and it will help eliminate the unsafe environment that prevents businesses from flourishing in the area. "If Redding is looking to foster growth and redevelopment we need to provide a safe area for businesses and their patrons. I hope this office will benefit everyone in this area", said Tom Gandy the owner of the building. Space in the building is available for lease. The office is located on the south west corner of the Market Street and Placer Street intersection across from the Cascade Theatre.

Haedrich & Co., Inc. currently has the building listed for lease and has had a difficult time in leasing due to the unsightly characters and safety concerns. "Offering the space to this organization can only improve the concerns that people face in visiting the downtown Redding area. If this brings more businesses and people to the area to spend money then it is a win-win for the entire City", said Ryan Haedrich, CCIM of Haedrich & Co., Inc.

-from press release
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  1. A. Jacoby says:


    And here’s how old I really am .. . . I remember the building when it was a “five and dime.” Dresses or Woolworths. Don’t remember which.

  2. Frank Treadway says:

    It was Woolworth’s, with a sandwich bar on main floor with Tuna sandwiches on white bread and great vanilla  milk shakes, downstairs was toys and live animals, parakeets, turtles and fish. Not to mention the Golden Pheasant Confectionary across the street and next to the Cascade Theatre with fine chocolates, more tuna sandwiches and vanilla milkshakes along with Strawberry fizzes,  ran by the Italian family that is still here.

    The Guardian Angels and the new stylized benches should eliminate place holders as well.  My other concern is where are the Carnegie Park vagrants/AB1o9ers going to go once the truck vendors replace them, likely into the nearby residential area. Remember, you can put up fencing, unique benches, write them countless tickets, but you can’t, legally and constitutionally, run them out of town. So, again, what’s the city and county solution to the downtown vagrant problem ?

  3. It breaks my heart to see people like Tom Gandy – someone whose family has been a part of Redding’s downtown history for decades – having to resort to giving away free real estate in an effort to improve his block.

    And the last I heard, Gandy has yet to have a response from any of the city council members he contacted about his issue.

  4. Joanne Lobeski Snyder says:

    I wish there were a safe “hang out” place for all the homeless folks.  Right when people were settling around to visit at the little cement tables in the downtown mall, those were taken out.  I run into some my ex-students roaming the streets of Redding.    This sounds silly, but they have no place to sit down!     So they hunker where ever they can.   I’m astonished sometimes at how much it would cost for a person to be housed these days…first and last rent, deposits of all kind.  Not to even mention having some utilities turned on.  I was poor when I didn’t have to have car insurance for the $350 Vdub I bought and I didn’t need first and last rent payments and no cleaning deposit to get into a place to live.

    • Peggy Elwood says:

      Joanne..Thanks you for expressing your compassion for the homeless. I don’t think any one of them woke up one day and decided to have a mental illness or become addicted to drugs or alcohol or loose their job or their family or their health. Life is hard and not everyone has the personal resources to overcome what has caused their current circumstances. I am very grateful that my mental health has largely been managed with yard work and bird watching and art and therapy.  I never became addicted to either drugs or alcohol..well, cigarettes were my drug of choice for years.. but they didn’t impact my life..just my health.  As a society we have decided the homeless should “pull themselves up by their boot straps” and we don’t want to do anything to help them..or maybe we don’t know how. How is being mad at them working for us?

  5. Damon Miller says:

    I’m guessing he was responsible for having the benches removed at that intersection too?

    “Let’s install benches so people can sit down! …No, not THOSE people.”

  6. Karen C says:

    I agree about places to sit down.  Folks who have just had knee surgery, back surgery, elderly, kids, anyone has to sit down at some point.  At my age, I have to shy away from places which  do not offer such places. Which is one reason I enjoy Chico, lots of places to sit down, because many stores offer chairs  for folks to sit down and wait for another person who is shopping.  They allow dogs in, out of the summer heat too, and many give them water.  A simple act which attracts to their downtown.

    The City of Redding has loitering laws.  Enforce them!  A simple solution,  They also have an ordinance for no camping within the city limits, enforce that too. If my family were to go downtown and set up camp, RPD would roust us out in a quick minute, yet they let the homeless use public areas for anything they want to do, even sexual acts in full public view!  Sick of it all.

  7. R.V. Scheide Jr. says:

    We need all the help we can get!

  8. Frank Treadway says:

    It’s the City and the County’s duty to buy into the well researched plan done by Kristen Schreder and the planning firm, at no cost to the city or county, to move on it, or we’ll be seeing the same street scenario for years to come.  The new K2 Development 3 story building on Market, Yuba & Butte Sts, cannot be subject to vagrants/AB109ers loitering around this game changing complex, or downtown will just not attract other similar needed projects.  We need more than Guardian Angels, we need Community Health Outreach Workers on the streets of Redding that have the authority to place mentally disabled street persons in a rehab complex via  the courts, make it legal, get them help.

  9. Common Sense says:

    The Homeless And Drug Problems are a tough one to tackle….but they can be overcome…it just takes an open mind, money and a willingness to. When we understand that the Drug problem is a direct reflection of how they feel about themselves-disconnected….we can address ways to help that. When we understand that the Homeless problem has a Multitude of causes, we get, that, no one can get off drugs without safe housing first. Safe stable housing…..drug rehab programs…ways to get connected again….through religion, reconnect organizations or help to reconnect with Family.

    Other states have done it……and they claim at the end of the year….providing housing….is less expensive…..than providing all the other services that lack of housing causes!

    All the above takes Money….more money…..and the longer these issues go on….the more expensive it will be….to shop owners… the safety of our citizens in parking lots….downtown etc….( Remember Oroville Dam? Ten million in repairs years ago….they said NO-sound familiar? )

    So what Options to Generate More Money does everyone have?……how can we get Millions of Dollars More into the City and County to Address these issues? The Sales Tax Increase didn’t go over too well!

    We can ask the McConnell Foundation to help out……we can Ask State And Federal Authorities for help….but the problem with Heroin is a National Epidemic….not an Isolated Redding issue……and last but not least….we can DEMAND that our Local Elected Officials Look at ALL ways to raise Millions of Dollars….there is at least ONE solution to this problem….and of course When they ALL VOTE NO to the Solution to the above Problems….we Really need to know what the PLAN is to Offset the Lost Millions of Dollars that they need to solve the Problems???

    When we Change the way we look at things…….the things we look at change……..

    So the Question is…..Can the Elected Leaders Open up their minds?…….can they accept if they say NO to Implementing prop 64….they will be losing out on Millions of Dollars Per YEAR…and will get NO State GRANTS!…….

    Anyone that comes up with a Better Plan to get the money to fix the drug and homeless problems…I am all Ears….Like Dumbo!….All ears……Let those Ideas fly……What is your idea for bringing in Millions in Tax Revenues per year?……..I have mine……and I would like to know what yours are?…Yes You….reading this right now…..

    It takes Courage to do what is in the Communities best interest –

    ( It could even require a change of mind)……is More Money in the City and County Coffers to do lots of work on the Homeless and Drug problems beneficial?. If you answered yes to this question…we have but one solution that has been presented thus far……..anyone? Ideas?

    Money>=Housing>=Drug Rehab….=more police….=more programs….Money>…..housing……you get it…..remember beliefs are just commonly held thoughts…..and we can choose our thoughts!

  10. cheyenne says:

    Downtown Cheyenne has benches all over for people to sit on.  Do the homeless sit on them, of course, but so do weary downtown browsers, locals and tourists.  One thing downtown Cheyenne has are walking police patrols that interact with business owners, tourists and the homeless.  Do those patrols make a difference, Yes, I have talked to them and I see the results of a safe downtown area where people are not afraid to walk.  Depot Square downtown is a gathering spot for festivals, marches, etc and makes downtown Cheyenne a vibrant lively atmosphere.  As marijuana is illegal in Wyoming not one penny of funding comes from MJ sources.  The funding comes from the Downtown Development Agency through taxes collected on downtown property owners and local donations.  One other thing is that the Cheyenne Police Department just hired new officers that came from Los Angeles, Baltimore, Chicago and Atlanta and those new officers state how much better they feel in Cheyenne where police officers are respected, not hated.

    Walking around downtown Cheyenne reminds me of how I used to walk around downtown Redding enjoying the small stores, especially in the now gone enclosed downtown mall.  There were some neat shops in that mall.

  11. Sean Rodgers says:

    Although a lot of think the office space/real estate given up for free may be a waste but there is more to it. Guardian Angels will use the office space for a youth center “Junior Angels” mentoring young kids with activities like free Self Defense or let families with little or no money take advantage of the new Stomp The Bullying program. Meanwhile the well trained Safety Patrol team will continue to serve as a visual deterrent and keep the citizen of Redding safer on the streets and surrounding neighborhoods.

  12. Ron says:

    And look for the JR Guardian Angels and Stomp the bullying programs coming soon too!

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