Short Story Workshop: Three Authors Share Tips for Success

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What: Short Story Workshop: Three Authors Share Tips for Success 

When:  Saturday, November 12 ~  10:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. 

Where: All Saints Episcopal Church – 2150 Benton Drive, Redding, CA

Three North-State authors will lead a workshop on short story writing November 12 at Writers Forum. The program will include brief readings and a discussion of the art, craft and methods best suited to short stories. Attendees will have a chance to try crafting pithy, single-sentence responses to writing prompts designed to explore common challenges and effective techniques.

Presenters include young adult novelist and Edgar Award-winning author Charlie Price on structure and pacing; photojournalist, writer and playwright Jim Dowling on the effective use of voice; and Shasta College communication instructor and humorist Robb Lightfoot looking at comic characterizations and slightly-skewed worldviews as humor-writing tools. After sharing examples of their work, they will discuss the creative processes and artistic choices they find useful when writing short stories. The mini-workshop will include hands-on writing sessions with brief, flash-fiction rounds to allow maximum audience participation. 

Refreshments will be served. The first two visits to Writers Forum are free. Annual dues thereafter are $25. For further details contact writersforumprogramchair@ or visit

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