Arrests in Anderson Illegal Grow

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On Thursday, 09/15/2016, at approximately 0700 hours, agents with the Shasta County Sheriff’s
Office Marijuana Investigation Team served a search warrant at 5083 Poplar Ave in the
unincorporated area of Anderson, CA. The search warrant was served in regards to an illicit,
outdoor, large scale marijuana cultivation site in the back yard of the residence. Upon arrival at
the residence, two subjects were located and detained inside. The two subjects were identified as
Keo Sayavong, 70 years old, and One Sayavong, 71 years old. It was later determined Keo and
One were husband and wife and lived at the residence together. No other subjects were
contacted at the residence.
A search of the residence and property was conducted. During the search, 159 actively growing
marijuana plants were discovered in the back yard of the residence. The marijuana plants
discovered were in multiple stages of growth, which is consistent with a continuous cultivation
operation for profit. Inside the residence, agents located approximately 15 pounds of processed
marijuana packaged for sales, with an estimated street value of approximately $15,000-
$20,000.00. Digital scales, packaging materials, and other evidence indicative of the sale of
marijuana were also located. Agents located and seized over $113,000.00 in US currency hidden
inside the residence. The investigation revealed that the currency was proceeds from the sales of
illegal controlled substances. Two rifles, one handgun, and approximately 300 rounds of
ammunition were also located inside the residence. One rifle and the handgun were loaded and
readily accessible for use.
Records checks were conducted on both subjects contacted at the residence, which revealed Keo
was convicted of a firearms related felony in 2003 and was prohibited from possessing firearms
or ammunition. The firearms, ammunition, US currency, and documentation of narcotics sales
were all located in a room of the residence which was determined to be occupied by Keo. Keo
Sayavong was placed under arrest for the following felony charges: cultivation of marijuana,
possession of marijuana for sales, possessing a firearm as a convicted felon, possessing
ammunition as a convicted felon, and being armed during the commission of a felony.
Additionally, felony charges for cultivation of marijuana and possession of marijuana for sales
will be filed with the Shasta County District Attorney’s Office in regards to One Sayavong’s
involvement in the criminal activity.
-from press release
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4 Responses

  1. Avatar Rod says:

    I’ve tried to comment without resorting to racial bias.  This is a tale of 2 cities in Shasta County. North vs South.

    Today in the north, We can welcome a first…drive thru convenience along with creditcard acceptance is open on main street USA.  A large well planned public gathering is about to present the MMJ state regulations.  I’m gonna be there when Clair Engle Park allows us to meet and greet.  3 dispensaries have volunteered to feed into the Shasta Lake public treasury.

    Today in the south, the press release covers it.  I’ll avoid that area.

    Guns and cultivation is a poisonous toxic brew.  Everybody sooner or later looses.  There’s not a good side.  Guns are not necessary to be a successful MMJ farmer, in fact, it’s a guaranteed fall.  Think.

    Who are the children of MR & MRS Sayavong? The benefactors of their crimes are wanted accomplices. I suppose there’s some societal misunderstanding of the American Anthem, or which flag represents me,  I have no problem understanding this family’s crimes.




  2. Avatar Karen C says:

    Thank you Shasta Co. Sheriff for taking one more illegal grow out of our county.

  3. Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

    I feel much safer knowing that a local pair of  septuagenarian pot farmers are in jail.  Good work, Shasta County Sheriff’s Office Marijuana Investigation/SWAT team.

    Meanwhile, I see handshake heroin deals going down on a regular basis, but never seem to encounter any stories about local heroin distributors and dealers being busted.  I guess there’s not much money in busting heroin dealers, huh?

    • Avatar Breakfast Guy says:

      Yes. And trust the over $113,000 in currency our earnest SCOMI team seized from these two septuagenarian cannabis growers will be used (at least in part) to address such real problems around Redding and Anderson.

      A little transparency of where that money eventually goes would be nice.