Turtle Bay to host Spring Break Camp: Weird Science

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Turtle Bay Weird Science

Turtle Bay Exploration Park is now taking registrations for Discovery Camp—Weird Science during spring break, March 28 – April 1 from 9am – 4pm each day. Campers are invited to discover the weird side of science through experiments, dissections, chemical reactions, and more. Additionally, campers will have the opportunity to conduct experiments from start to finish by making a hypothesis, observing, and recording data throughout the week.

Turtle Bay’s Discovery Camps explore different sides of science, art, and history and how they all tie together. Discovery Camp aims to inspire children’s creativity and to establish memories within the unique environment at Turtle Bay Exploration Park. Discovery Camp is a part of the Creativity Garden—a nationwide project of the Association of Science-Technology Centers, generously supported by Disney.

The camp is a chance for 7-10 year olds to participate in various science activities, crafts, games and an opportunity to explore everything Turtle Bay has to offer. Space is limited so register today. Camp is $160 for the week for members and $180 for nonmembers. Visit turtlebay.org/camps, email jdehate@turtlebay.org<mailto:jdehate@turtlebay.org>, or call 530-242-3108 for registration and more details.

-from press release
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