Suspect Arrested at Anderson ATM


On Tuesday, September 29th 2015, at about 9:39 A.M., the Anderson Police Department was dispatched to the Bank of America ATM machine at the Factory Outlets mall located in the 1800 block of HWY 273. Police were dispatched to the location after receiving a report of suspicious subjects at the location.

Anderson Police Detectives arrived in the area and began surveillance of 33 year old, Thomas Fredrick WEBB of Redding. Webb had just recently been arrested in August of 2015 after investigators from the Redding Police Department and the Anderson Police Department concluded simultaneous but independent investigations concerning ATM theft and Identity Theft which was occurring in both jurisdictions. The public actually assisted in identifying Webb after his photograph was released to the press/media back in July of 2015.

During the surveillance at the Factory Outlets, Anderson Police Detectives watched Webb lurk around the stand alone Bank of America ATM and follow several victim customers as they approached the ATM to conduct transactions. Police watched Webb walk to the ATM, pretend to talk on a cell phone and look at unsuspecting customers who were entering their pin numbers.

Webb was subsequently contacted and detained by Anderson Police. Several witnesses and a victim were also contacted. Two witnesses told police that they were aware of and had been told by Webb regarding what he was doing at the ATM. Witnesses referred to the attempted thefts as Webb’s “Hustle”. Neither the witnesses nor victims are being identified at this point due to the ongoing status of the investigation.

Several Bank of America receipts were recovered from the vehicle Webb was using. Webb was later interrogated by Anderson Police Detectives where he admitted to stealing some of the customers pin numbers out of “habit”. He stated he set the entire thing up though to convince a drug dealer to front him some heroin and said he was never intending to actually steal any money like he did before.

Thomas Webb was subsequently booked into the Shasta County Jail for attempted theft, attempted identity theft and for committing a felony offense while out of custody on bail or O.R.

Webb, who pled no contest, in the Shasta County Superior Court on September 21st 2015 for grand theft and identity theft, was out of custody on an ankle monitor and the SOR program pending sentencing.

Anderson Police have already begun speaking with corporate level security personnel with Bank of America who are assisting with the case. It is believed that Webb was taken into custody before any customer’s accounts were actually victimized.

Anderson Police Detectives would like to speak with any of the ATM customers who utilized the ATM between 8:00 A.M. and 10:45 A.M. on September 29th 2015. Detectives can be reached at 530-378-6610.

The citizens of Shasta County are reminded to take extra precautions when utilizing an ATM. Look for suspicious person(s) lurking around and make sure you close out your transactions. Be vigilant and call the police if you suspect someone is committing these kinds of thefts.

Any Questions regarding this information can be directed to Detective Casey Day, Public Information Officer, Anderson Police Department or Lieutenant Rocky Harpham, Patrol Commander, Anderson Police Department.

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