Blankets & Socks Urgently Needed by People of Progress

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Nights have turned colder and people with and people without roofs over their heads need blankets and socks right now. Our supplies have run out. We need the public’s help to continue to serve another 4,000 people through the end of this year.

Please bring your clean blankets and socks to our Food Bank and Family Resource Center Mon-Sat from 10 to 5. Drive into the parking lot and we’ll unload your donation.

Our food bank is the only one open every weekday so we are accessible whenever an emergency occurs. As important as emergency services are, our greatest impact is through two other services: our personalized casework which helps families form a game plan, and our community resource materials which are also circulated throughout the community by other agencies. Because of these materials, we are able to assist many other people we will never meet throughout the community helping them move forward in ways we will never know.

We serve 11,000 people annually with food for 200,000 meals, 10,000 clothes, blankets, personal hygiene items, 6,000 resource information packs and casework to help people move forward.

People of Progress Family Resource Center and Food Bank is open Monday through Friday from 9 until noon. We’re located at1242 Center Street behind NAPA Auto Parts in Downtown Redding. 243-3811

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