Red Light Enforcement Program Thirty-Day Warning Period

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In an effort to reduce collisions and enhance traffic safety, the Redding Police Department will begin monitoring the intersection of Hilltop Drive and Cypress Avenue as part of the Red Light Photo Enforcement Program.

 On Tuesday, March 31, 2015 at 12:01 pm, cameras and violation sensors that monitor the intersection of Hilltop Drive and CypressAvenue will become operational for a 30 day warning period. During the 30 day warning period, violators will receive only a Warning Notice as required by California State Law.

 Citations for red light violations will begin being issued on May 1, 2015 at 12:01 am.

 Redding’s Red Light Photo Enforcement Program is administered by Redflex Traffic Systems, Inc. Redflex is partnered with over 220 communities and operates over 2,000 traffic safety systems in the United States and Canada.

 For further information go to and click on the Red Light Camera link. You can also visit

– Press Release

-from press release
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9 Responses

  1. R.V. Scheide R.V. Scheide says:

    NASA scientists aboard the ISS (International Space Station) were the first to point out that the freeway infrastructure linking Highway 44, Interstate 5, Cypress Avenue and Hilltop Drive appeared to make absolutely no sense.

  2. Avatar K. Beck says:

    They should try it from the ground! : )

  3. Avatar Henry says:

    If you stick close to home you’re at little risk from red light cameras; you know where the cameras are in your neighborhood.

    But if you go traveling…

    If you are flying in or out of SFO, do not drive on nearby Millbrae Avenue between
    El Camino, the BART station, and the 101, or on the offramp from the southbound
    101, because in October and November the City of Millbrae issued 2397 red light
    camera tickets in that half mile stretch, nearly all for rolling right turns. If you have friends who will be going thru SFO, or renting a car there, warn them about the trap.

    Down South, the Beverly Hills council just voted to expand their already-punishing camera system by 2/3. Neighboring Culver City is adding more right turn enforcement to their system.

    Be prepared. Do a search on snitch ticket and another search on red light camera no consequence. Just one of California’s $500.00 camera tickets can ruin your whole day.

  4. Avatar cheyenne says:

    Wyoming has no red light or speed cameras, for now, but state law mandates all school buses have cameras to record drivers driving through stop signals when buses are unloading or loading students. If a driver drives pass a school bus with flashing lights the driver will get a ticket. Unfortunately this law was the result of a school student being killed by a driver driving through flashing lights.

  5. Avatar Kaarin Brooke says:

    You can fight them almost every single time if you put up the effort.

  6. Avatar Diane says:

    It’s unclear to me why people are whining about getting a ticket for breaking the law.
    A “rolling right turn” is not a stop at a red light. Every day when I am driving in this town I see people running red lights and think the police could pay for more staff if they ticketed those drivers. Oh, and drivers w/o their headlights on in the rain. They have their wipers on, but not their headlights.

  7. Avatar EasternCounty says:

    When the cameras were just being talked about, someone gave a “reason” against them, stating that there would be more rear-enders because people would make sudden stops to avoid being photographed, and the next person in line would hit them. Genius.

  8. Avatar Alice Bell says:

    The Shasta County Grand Jury has studied the issue in Shasta County in depth and determined that the red light cameras have reduced accidents at the intersections where they are used by a substantial amount (30% or so) and they are not “money makers” for the city and they are considerably less expensive (for the city) than hiring enough traffic cops to monitor each problem intersection. A “rolling stop” is illegal, is a problem in Shasta County and does cause accidents. The number of car accidents in Shasta County and resulting injuries/fatalities is probably much higher than the state average and, since neither the County nor the City of Redding have sufficient monies to hire enough personnel to handle this situation, the red light cameras do help.

  9. Avatar cheyenne says:

    Do the red light cameras catch bicyclists “rolling” through red lights?
    In Fort Collins the head of the local bicycle club requested the city allow bicyclists to “roll” through stop signs and red lights when the traffic was clear. This made every grandparent and parent cringe as the first thing we impress on our kids and grandkids is to stop and look both ways before crossing the street whether walking or riding. Fortunately the Fort Collins gave a thumbs down on this even though Aspen apparently allows it.