Telephone Scam

In the beginning of August 2014, several reports were made to the Sheriff’s Office and other
local area law enforcement agencies regarding a telephone scam where the suspects were
posing as Sheriff’s Office employees, demanding money to clear arrest warrants for failing to
appear for jury duty.

The suspect who had a male voice and spoke with a southern accent, told the victims that they
needed to go to a store and purchase prepaid credit cards in the amounts of $1,000.00-
$1,500.00 and give the card numbers to the officer to get the warrant cleared or they would be
arrested. The suspect would remain on the phone with the victim until the cards were purchased
and the victim read off the numbers.

Several of the victims were elderly and complied with the demands. The Sheriff’s Office Major
Crimes Unit has been actively investigating these incidents. We urge all citizens to beware of
these types of scams and do not comply with any demands over the phone asking for money. If
you and/or a family member is a victim of this or any other telephone scam we urge you to
contact your local law enforcement agency and make a report. If you have any information
regarding these recent cases please contact the Major Crimes Unit at the listed number or by
email at

– Press Release

-from press release

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2 Responses

  1. Avatar CouldBeTrouble says:

    There’s another one going around as well and I think it originates from posting on Craigslist. It is actually quite funny and if you have the urge to “play” these idiots would be good to play with. In a super thick Pakistani accent the caller tells you that they are from the IRS and you have a serious issue that must be cleared before legal action is taken. The number they are calling from is 202 506-9728, although there are other numbers they use from the 202 area code. After the third or fourth time they called I picked up and went along with the “game.” I was transferred to a person who had a little better command of the English language, but there was no doubt that they were not IRS workers unless the IRS is using international call centers now! When the new person came on the line I spoke a few words in English and then switched to Spanish from which point I could only get a “yes” from the caller every time I said something. After a couple minutes of this I got tired of it and told him “Hasta la vista baby” and hung up. They never called back.

    • Avatar lisa says:

      I got a call from a 202 phone number, too, and the caller claimed their server monitored a virus on my computer. She asked if I was in front of my computer so she could help me check on it. When I told her I didn’t have a computer at home, she hung up. I got her phone number and reported it to to warn others.