Redding attorney, Dennis Halkides, tied up, beaten, robbed at work

Dennis Halkides was robbed and beaten Friday night at his law office. Photo from Law Offices of Halkides, Morgan and Kelley webpage.

On Saturday, March 15, 2014, at approximately 8:30 p.m. officers from the Redding Police Department responded to 833 Mistletoe Lane for a reported robbery.

Upon arrival, officers contacted Dennis Halkides, 70 years old of Redding, who stated he was the victim of an invasion type robbery. Halkides stated he was working late at his business office when he heard knocking at his door. He answered the door and was immediately overpowered by two white males.

The first male is described as being in his 20’s with a beard, wearing a white t-shirt, tall and thin. The second suspect is described as heavier, wearing blue jeans.

The two suspects tied Halkides’ hands and took electronic items from his office. The suspects also took his vehicle, a 2011 Toyota Sienna van, silver in color, California license, 6NSW136.

If the van is observed please call 911 immediately and provide the operator with your reason for calling, location and direction of travel (if any). DO NOT attempt to approach the driver or passenger(s) as they are considered dangerous.

Anyone with information is encouraged to contact the Redding Police Department.

From RPD press release

-from press release
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9 Responses

  1. pmarshall says:

    That is absolutely disgusting. Little old Redding is no longer a place without crime. We need to spend more to help out our police dept, and we need more space in the jail — or else, things will get much worse.

    • Todd says:

      To Mr PMARSHAL

      I have a problem with what you said. “WE need so spend more for protection”
      Actually this is what they want, they want crime to soar so that they can say “Raise taxes to pay for your security”
      I see all these cops pulling people over for stupid traffic fines that generate money which is their focus. What money do they get for removing Thieves and criminals off the street? NOTHING and they know it.
      We basically pay their salaries with taxes to have them turn around and fine us for things that generate revenue for them.
      The police are not here to protect and to serve, they are here to pester the honest working people because that’s where they get their money from.

  2. rmv says:

    Here is Another example of the FUNDAMENTAL CHANGE in the USA!

    GOD bless us all.

  3. EasternCounty says:

    Is Mr. Halkides all right after this horrific incident?

    • Matt Morgan Matt Morgan says:

      Dennis is doing fine. He wasn’t hospitalized, thankfully. He did go home that same night. Aside from carpet burns on his face and a few sore ribs, he is doing fine.

      • Thanks so much, Matt, for letting us know how Dennis – your father’s law partner – is doing. What a relief he survived this horrible ordeal physically intact. I imagine it will take much longer for the emotional scars to heal.

  4. name says:

    If the counselor had been carrying a gun, he may have been able to easily prevent this.

    *legally carring the gun…

  5. D. Nethery says:

    I was so sorry to hear about this. Besides being an attorney, Dennis is one
    of the most talented photographers I have ever seen. He travels all over the world
    and his pictures from his travels are breathtaking. I have had one hanging in my
    living room for years, and everyone who looks at it, has commented on its beauty.
    I wish him a speedy recovery.

  6. Kathryn McDonald says:

    I met Mr. Halkides a few times when he had a gallery next to or downstairs from his law office. He was always gracious and enjoyable to talk with and his photographs were spectacular. I am horrified that someone would hurt him in any way, and I’m glad he’s on the road to recovery.

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