A Triple ‘Telly’ Winner: Videographer Alan Phillips for RSA Video

 The Telly Awards has selected Redding-based ‘A Phillips Production’ as a triple winner in the 34th Annual Telly Awards for “Raven and the Unicorn” – a short film about a proposed Redding School of the Arts children’s theater.

A Phillips Production, owned and operated by Alan Phillips of Redding, created and produced “Raven and the Unicorn” as a 5-minute direct-marking video for Redding School of the Arts and its non-profit organization, Foundation for Performing Arts Education (FPAE).

The three wins for A Phillips Production’s “Raven and the Unicorn” video were in the following categories: Online/Web  Marketing, Non-Broadcast/ Public Relations and Charitable/Not-for-profit.

“Raven and the Unicorn” was selected from nearly 12,000 worldwide entries.

The Telly Awards was founded in 1979, manufactured and distributed from the same firm that produces the Oscar and Emmy awards. It is the premier award honoring outstanding local, regional and cable TV commercials and programs, the finest video and film productions, and online commercials, video and films.

Winners represent the best work of the most respected advertising agencies, production companies, television stations, cable operators, and corporate video departments in the world.

A prestigious judging panel of more than 500 accomplished industry professionals, each a past winner of a Silver Telly and a member of The Silver Telly Council, judged the competition, upholding the historical standard of excellence that Telly represents.

The Silver Council evaluated entries to recognize distinction in creative work – entries do not compete against each other – rather entries are judged against a high standard of merit. Less than 10 percent of entries are chosen as Winners of the Silver Telly, the highest honor. Approximately 18 to 25 percent of entries are chosen as Winners of the Bronze Telly.

“The Telly Awards has a mission to honor the very best in film and video,” said Linda Day, Executive Director of the Telly Awards.

“Alan Ernesto Phillips and A Phillips Production’s accomplishment illustrates their creativity, skill and dedication to their craft and serves as a testament to great film and video production.”

This is the sixth Telly Award for producer/director Alan Phillips, also a longtime local parenting educator and at-risk youth counselor with the Shasta County Chemical People.

Alan Ernesto Phillips of ‘A Phillips Production’ won three Telly Awards for “Raven and the Unicorn”.

 “These awards serve as a validation for the hallmark of our craft and calling, for youth and community-enrichment, as well as successful outcomes for our business clients,” he said.

Phillips said he dedicated his awards to his two daughters (students at RSA) and to the parents, students and staff at Redding School of the Arts.

“We recently received a formal commendation from the Office of Traffic Safety and California Highway Patrol for our a part in helping to save young lives for over a decade of production video services in the “Every 15 Minutes” program,” Phillips said.

“The Telly Award for our work on the latest Redding School of the Arts video is another humbling reminder for us to stay the course for our beloved community.”

He said that the Telly Awards are acknowledgements of the parents and children at RSA, and the “magnificent, architecturally child-focused designs of James Theimer.” 

“James Theimer was a most valued consultant to me in directing the award-winning RSA production,” Phillips said.

“My hand-picked production group at A Phillips Production included local technical talents Rick Junian, John ‘Ace’ Otten and Craig Padilla. They were invaluable to help me tell the story I created, directed and produced. In spite of the hardships and production difficulties, “The Raven and the Unicorn” marketing video was always with the hallmark of my business philosophy, ‘Always impress the nature of our viewers.’ As a father of two RSA daughters, the RSA children-to-come were always firmly in mind and practice.”

RAVEN and the UNICORN Children’s Theater – RSA 2013 from Alan Ernesto Phillips on Vimeo.

Sources include Telly Press release.

-from press release
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32 Responses

  1. Avatar Daryl Harris says:


    Congratulations. Beautiful work.

    Penny Harris

    • Avatar Alan Ernesto Phillip says:

      Thanks Penny! We entered the Sundial VideoFest, but they wouldn't even accept the RSA video for competition, yet, they kept our 30-buck entry fee! Eh, bygones…

      I'm really humbled though, that RSA and all involved earned a juried award from the "Bigs!"

  2. Avatar Rod Lindsay says:

    Congratsulations Alan, great job. I a very proud for you.


    • Avatar Alan Ernesto Phillip says:

      Hestum, Rod Lindsay!

      Thank you, to know that I made you proud means the world to me!

  3. Avatar Lynne Davis says:

    Wow Alan ! Congratulations on another great accomplishment 🙂

    • Avatar Alan Ernesto Phillip says:

      Wow Lynne! Thanks for noticing, and your welcomed comment!!

      Knowing that you guys are news-junkies, KRCR's Mike Mangas did a really cool report last night… maybe I can figure out a way to get it posted here… Be sure to watch tonight's news as they are doing a follow up report more on the RSA project!

  4. Avatar Maureen says:

    You da Telly man!! CONGRATULATIONS.

  5. Alan, thank you for sharing this with me. You are amazing and so very talented. Kudos to buddies Ace and Craig for their contributions. I know who I am calling for video production…. plus a great excuse to see old friends.

    • Avatar Alan Ernesto Phillip says:

      Hi Kristi!!

      How COOL to read your kind comment – thank you my good friend!

      Yeah, it was completely an effort of many, including our truer and trusted local production pros like Ace, Craig and Rick Junian!

      But, the kids… they are whom hold up the stars…

  6. Avatar `AJacoby says:

    Congratulations to everyone who contributed: to the school, to the architecture, to the vision and the faith that brought this vision to reality, and to the filmmakers who caught the vision. Whoever, would have believed that this little, isolated, rural town of Redding, could be the incubator and realizer of such magnificent vision.

    We are incredibly blessed . . . . but, shhhhhh, don't tell anybody!

    • Avatar Alan Ernesto Phillip says:

      You are so right – we are so blessed in so many ways!

      It's probably safe for me to say that the visionaries behind Redding School of the Arts (RSA) had to brave up pretty good to take such a leap out of the status quo Ed-industry, IMHO. As a dad of two RSA kids, I'm dang glad those dreamers followed through with their perhaps rebellious plans.

      With the visionary architect, James Theimer, and his team at the design/build platform of this extraordinary – potentially world-first LEED Platinum children's theater – I, for one, strongly believe that RSA's new Children Theater will have an additive effect that will make Shasta County an anchor-community in the north state… (Sorry to pop your bubble, AJ, I'm with ya there…) Thanks for the kind compliments about our little visionary take on it all!

  7. Avatar Marylee Boales says:

    Over-the-top marketing opportunity. The video is a true reflection of the creative nature of the theater concept aptly displayed with flair.

    • Avatar Alan Ernesto Phillip says:

      Thank you Marylee – coming from you that means a lot to me – and I'll be sure to pass your welcome thoughts along to my creative team!!

      All signs are very positive as a result of our participation in what WILL be a multi-million dollar dream come true for our precious children of the north state!

  8. Avatar Laurel says:

    Alan, your talent and dedication show in all your work. This is one of my favorites of your prolific body of work, and the wins are not surprising. Great job to you and your comrades, and thank you for doing it all for the kids. I know that's what it's all about to you.

    • Avatar Alan Ernesto Phillip says:

      As a fellow parent of an RSA child, your comments mean a lot… thank you so much for taking the time to post! With respect to the good people who hired me and my team over several months to produce this marketing video, YES!! It was always about the kids… FIRST!

  9. Avatar Linda Gutierrez says:

    Alan, Congratulations! I think you are so deserving and I know how hard you have worked on this! Good Job! Linda

    • Avatar Alan Ernesto Phillip says:

      Thank you SO MUCH!

      Yes, we worked a LOT on this project for a very long time…

      More than many, you know how difficult this project was to produce, and your compliments are kind and cool!!

  10. Bravo, Alan! You're a talented guy. We've known that here in Redding for some time. Glad to see the world outside has taken note.

    • Avatar Alan Ernesto Phillip says:

      Thanks a Ka-Zillion, Robb! What awesome compliments, my friend!!

      You know? I'm especially glad you didn't go "stand-up" on me, Robb – I would have really freaked out! All seriousness aside (bada-boom!), I'm a fan of yours; I especially liked your Mr Gadget piece, "Wreck it Robb!" You're my counselor in a can, man! Love your writing…

      Who knows? With two experienced, award-winning cats like you and me, a crafty screen play and my production chops… "Or So It Seems" the reality TV show! Naaaaaa…. 😉

  11. Alan, I am way beyond proud to have been able to help out with this video. You've produced another work o' art. I'm sure that the students, their parents, and the faculty of Redding School of the Arts are over the moon with this accomplishment, riding high with big smiles on their faces! (And if they're not then something would be very wrong with them! Hee hee!)

    Speaking of "something very wrong": What the heck is the big idea with the local Sundial Film Festival taking your $30 and not wanting to show this Telly-Winning short film, especially when it contains such a positive message that reflects the creative minds of the students?!? Oh well…

    Thanks again for including me on your production team. It's always a pleasure to work with you.

    And most of all, congrats to Redding School of the Arts for having such a great video created for their students!

    • Avatar Alan Ernesto Phillip says:

      Thank YOU, Craig! Having you as a part of my crew was a real pleasure; you are a consummate pro. To have your expertise and great patience in light of so many changes and high-pressure re-dos, truly helped us meet our deadlines, quality and budget margins! (Don't know what to say about the Sundial "Film Festival" people… but I do wish them improvements and many successes.)

      Your participation on the RSA two videos is what contributed to us earning the prestigious, peer-juried Telly Award – so, thank YOU!

  12. I'm actually quite surprised that the staff and more parents of the children of Redding School of the Arts aren't showing more "way to go!" to the students who participated in this video. The students were the major talent in this project! So here's my congrats: "Way to go, Kids!!"

    • Avatar Alan Ernesto Phillip says:

      Thanks for the comments and congrats for the kids, Craig! They are the real stars in all of this. And I can see one RSA teacher, one RSA parent, and an apparent longtime supporter in this thread have commented – that's pretty darn cool if you ask me! With this being the summer break, it's understandable that more haven't been able to comment. Thanks for noticing, and good commenting – "yeah, man!!"

  13. Avatar Alan Ernesto Phillip says:

    Here you go Lynne, as promised!

    (Sorry it took me a while to get the kink in this link worked out)




  14. Avatar Leah says:

    Alan, this is so exciting and so deserved both for you as a videographer and as representative of all parties involved. I too am a long time RSA supporter and so happy for you and our community. We reap the benefits of the collaboration of so many talented people!

    • Avatar Alan Ernesto Phillip says:

      Wow… Thank you, Leah! As the Director/Producer of the RSA video project (there were actually two under development) I really must share the Videographer credits with Rick Junian; Rick is a REAL pro… As such a high profile marketing maven, your compliments mean a lot to me/us! Thanks again!!

  15. Avatar dEb oneil says:

    Great job Alan!



    • Avatar Alan Ernesto Phillip says:

      Hi Debbie – Long time no chat!

      Thanks so much for the props…

      With my very best to one of my favorite child experts, Biggles!

  16. Avatar Laura Dunaj says:

    Congratulations, Alan. RSA is very blessed to have such talented parents promoting our school and our students.

  17. Avatar Rick Nixon says:

    Hi Alan,

    What a great article. I am glad you acknowledged the parents and students as well as James Theimer. Now if only Daria would read the article, she might get a clue and

    appreciate the work we have done!

  18. Avatar Paula says:

    Congratulations Alan! We are all proud of you and thank you for your effort on this project. What a pleasure to be a part of a school with such vision for the future of the youth of Redding!