Goat Heart Wizard

It’s seems every where you go around town there is a problem with panhandling ,today I got a chance to meet a street Artist that is doing something different. giving you his art  in return.

” Everything has a totem and a story”

 Goat Heart Wizard

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6 Responses

  1. Avatar `AJacoby says:

    Where is this guy . . .? I'm always happy to support the arts and support anyone who's willing and able to give something (read: time, effort, talent) in return. Good for this guy. Was the first picture of the artist?

  2. He normally sets up in Mt. shasta but with the warmer weather he came into redding , he told me he will try to set up at different places in town, he has also set up at he flea market.today he was at the Target shopping center

  3. oh yes the Photo is of the Artist 🙂

  4. Avatar janelle russell says:

    absolutely love this guy!! his art is awesome!! saw him today in the target store parking lot. my friend and i got three pieces of his art for quite a minimal donation. hope to see him around more often.

  5. Avatar Angela says:

    He has an email address 🙂 It is goatheartthewizard@gmail.com Be patient for a response, for he does not have regular access, however, he will respond! 🙂 Anything he can do to spread the love and light, and motivate!

  6. Avatar Danielle says:

    I Love this artist! He is an amazing person with a beautiful soul and an amazing gift! I have several pieces of his art. I am told that some pieces he has painted have made their way to other countries. He has a … gypsy-ish spirit in the way that he travels. His art is so inspiring that they call him "The Wizard" Or "GoatHeart The Wizard". What a great guy!