Updated Fluoride Training Available for Medical Providers

The Shasta Healthy Smiles Oral Health Program is offering a free lunch and learn training for medical providers interested in learning about updated fluoride supplementation guidelines and preventive oral health tips to share with parents of young children. Free preventive oral health supplies for distribution to families with young children will also be provided as part of the training. The American Dental Association Council on Scientific Affairs released updated fluoride supplement guidelines for dental decay prevention in December 2010.

Fluoride is a mineral that aids in the prevention of dental decay by strengthening the enamel of the teeth and improving a tooth’s resistance to the acid attacks that cause cavities. Since Shasta County’s water supplies lack sufficient fluoride to help prevent cavities, it is recommended that children between the ages of 6 months and 16 years supplement with daily fluoride tablets or drops. Results of a 2009 School Readiness dental screening of Shasta County preschool age children revealed that 32% of preschoolers screened had untreated dental decay. Untreated dental decay can result in a painful infection requiring extensive dental treatment, cost, and can also impact school learning.

To schedule a fluoride supplement and oral health training for medical providers contact Megan Johnson, Community Education Specialist, at 229-8431. Funding for this training is provided by a grant from First 5 Shasta.

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