Women Veterans’ Stories, Photos Needed for Book

What: Women veterans’ stories and photographs are requested for a book

Who: Published by the NOR-CAL Chapter 111 Woman’s Army Corps Veterans’ Association; written by Irene Castro

Why: “To reflect how the military shaped lives. Each and every woman veteran has had unique experiences and valuable service. All of these stories need to be told.”

The NOR-CAL Chapter 111 Woman’s Army Corps Veterans’ Association has decided to expand the book its members are publishing to include ALL women veterans. Their goal is to get a story in the book about each member in the Women’s Army Corps Veterans Association and stories from women veterans of ALL military services.

Please send stories and photos to: Irene Castro, 31386 Emigrant Trail, Shingletown CA 96088. If at all possible please make copies of photos at a Wal-Mart, Costco or other photo copying location. All original photos will be returned if requested. Newspaper articles are also very helpful. Stories can be emailed to rodirene@frontiernet.net, but not the photos.

The association would like information on what the veteran did prior to joining the military, when and why she joined and what the duties and duty stations were. Please let them know how the military changed or affected your life as a veteran or the life of the veteran you are writing about. The association members also want to know what the veteran did, after being discharged, on topics such as: family, education, work and careers, and retirement. Please detail any specific incident, experience, and historic or humorous event. They want this book to reflect how the military shaped lives. Each and every woman veteran has had unique experiences and valuable service. All of these stories need to be told.

The book will be similar to the size and style of the cookbook Served and Still Serving, except the association seeks longer stories that will be at least one page in length or more. Please include phone numbers where you can be reached. Irene Castro can be reached at 530-474-5560. 

-from press release

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-from press release
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4 Responses

  1. Avatar Ricky Ruiz says:

    Irene, I have a 8 x 10 black & white photo of my mom`s graduating Navy boot camp group photo. She was a Korea war verteren. Boot camp back then for the Navy waves was in Bainbridge maryland. Would you be interested?



  2. Avatar Alan Ernesto Phillip says:

    Hi Irene,

    What a wonderful thing you are doing!

    My father was a P-38 fighter pilot in WWII, and he seemed to get a lot of deserved attention and recognition. My mother on the other hand, served in the Quarter Master Corp, nursing the most brave and shocked soldiers who were able to come home. She was never really acknowledged for the many hard and dirty hours of caring for our heroes. Clinically and spiritually. Some poor souls who had the most severe traumas and under-diagnosed injuries of the day were heroically served and supported by many like my dearly departed mother.

    It will be my pleasure to send you some photos of my mom, Carmen Alicia Melgares Richmond – I will make copies and draft you a couple of short stories she shared of the way she took the horrifically harmed and was able to help foster some healing and happiness. You have my profound appreciation of what you are doing for our sometimes unsung yet equally brave women heroes!!

    Best regards,

    Alan Phillips

  3. Avatar Judith Guittar says:

    are you still taking stories for publication. I was a WAC 1969 to 1973 and am a writer.

  4. Avatar roxxbravo says:

    If you want pics of women serving this is my page.

    We served in Iraq and Afghanistan.