1/3/2011 Carjacking Suspect Apprehended

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January 3, 2011  2:33 P.M.

Case# 11-514, 11-515, 11-518, 11-534 & 11-586

On Monday, January 03, 2011 at approximately 2:05 PM Cpl. Aaron Maready conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle for a vehicle code violation at the AM/PM Store, 2070 Churn Creek Rd. A passenger in the violator vehicle immediately exited the vehicle, refusing police officer requests for him to stay in the vehicle and continued to walk away. This passenger was identified as Suspect Joshua Louis Mason, W/M 26 years of Redding.

At approximately 2:33 PM, Victim Nancy Luchs, W/F 68 years of Redding, exited her vehicle in front of Aaron Brothers Art and Frame, 917 Dana Drive. Suspect Joshua Mason approached the victim on foot as she was getting out of her vehicle. Suspect Mason attempted to carjack Victim Luchs and steal her vehicle. Suspect Mason threatened to kill her if she did not give him her vehicle keys. Victim Luchs sounded her vehicle’s horn to summon help. Suspect Mason abandoned his carjack attempt and fled on foot eastbound.

At approximately 2:50 PM, Victim Art Myers, W/M 67 years, reported a prowling incident in progress at 923 Jamison Court Apartment #4. The suspect jumped over a fence into the victim’s backyard and demanded Victim Myers let him into his residence. The suspect was denied entry into the residence and fled on foot towards the west. The suspect description matched the description of Suspect Mason.

At approximately 3:01 PM, Victim William Miner, W/M 56 years of Redding, had his 1999 GMC Sierra pick-up truck stolen from the alley behind the Country Kitchen Restaurant, 1099 Hilltop Drive, by a suspect later identified as Suspect Mason.

At approximately 3:25 PM, a California Highway Patrol Officer found Victim Miner’s stolen truck parked in the area of 18518 Martin Way. Witnesses told the officer the suspect had fled from the stolen truck on foot. Redding Police Officers and the California Highway Patrol helicopter responded to the area to attempt to locate the suspect.

At approximately 3:30 PM, Victim Terry James, W/M 18 years, and Victim Rebecca Robert, W/F 36 years, both of Redding, reported a male suspect had entered their residence at 18544 Martin Way without permission and attempted to arm himself with a knife. When the suspect learned the police were being called, he fled the residence of foot. The male suspect matched the description of Suspect Mason.

At approximately 3:33 PM, Redding Police Officers observed Suspect Mason fighting with Victim Louis Simeroth, W/M 53 years of Redding, outside of a residence at 12227 Randolph Road. Suspect Mason had armed himself with a golf club, threatened the victim and then carjacked Victim Simeroth’s 1996 Dodge diesel pick-up truck. Suspect Mason fled from the officers, driving the stolen truck southbound on Randolph Road towards Oasis Road.

Redding Police Officers were positioned at the intersection of Oasis Road and Randolph Road, but did not have time to lay down a spike strips. Officers were authorized to use legal intervention to stop the suspect because of his actions were endangering the safety of citizens and officers.

As the stolen truck entered the intersection, a marked Redding Police unit struck it and caused it to spin 180 degrees but did not disable the vehicle. As the stolen truck came to rest in the intersection, Suspect Mason tried to flee in the truck again. An unmarked Redding Police unit then struck the stolen truck and forced it against a power pole. Suspect Mason made attempts to drive away in the stolen truck. The first Redding Police unit that struck the stolen truck rammed it again in the driver’s door and pinned it against the power pole. Suspect Mason continued his efforts to escape by accelerating the stolen truck into drive and then into reverse, but got stuck in the mud. Officers used Redding Police Canine Carr to take Suspect Mason into custody.

Suspect Mason was transported by ambulance to Shasta Regional Medical Center for treatment of minor injuries.

Suspect Mason was later booked at the Shasta County Jail for attempted carjacking, stolen vehicle, carjacking and committing a felony while out on bail on another felony case. Suspect Mason’s bail was set at one million dollars.

Contact: Sergeant Dean Stainberg

ID# 301

Redding Police Department


Approved: Corporal Bart Langley/ID #324

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