PowerPoint Pulls ‘Em In: 1st Pecha Kucha Draws 115

Larry and Tish Harris, co-organizers of Redding’s first Pecha Kucha night, have declared the April 16 event a hit. About 115 people gathered for the party that lets people share whatever they’re passionate about in PowerPoint presentations — with just 20 slides and 20 seconds to narrate each slide. Internet references say the Japanese phrase translates to “the sound of conversation,” or “chit chat.”

Larry Harris said Redding’s first event was “everything we were after and more! 115 people in attendance, great vibes and food, a fascinating and eclectic group of presenters.”

He thanks those who presented, attended, and anyone “who, during the last two months, even once, explained what in the heck Pecha Kucha is to someone else.”

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