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4 Responses

  1. Avatar CerebralAlchemist says:

    Daylight Savings Time IS a SNAFU!

    It's 2010 already.

    HAL 9000: Are you sure you're making the right decision? I think we should stop.

  2. Avatar Ann Webber says:

    Many moons ago when my husband and I had spent a week up here on a houseboat in October. When we got home, unloaded and went to bed we had no inkling that it was the end of Daylight Savings Time. We worked together and showed up an hour early on our first day back from vacation! Yuck!

  3. Avatar Paula says:

    My boss, the Operations Manager in a large, multi-national bank, and myself, her assistant and lackey, set the vault release timer on Friday before DS began. Only problem, we were both so tired that she set it for a full 25 hours later, instead of the 1 hour later. I checked her setting and said "OK, let's close it down."

    Since this was in the days before computerized anything, there was absolutely no way to override the vault timer, so on Monday, we discovered that we were completely locked out of the vault, and that nothing short of a few sticks of dynamite was going to get it open until another 24 hours had passed.

    I ended up taking a branch-transfer ticket to the closest branch and bringing back about 50K in cash, about 2K in coin, and a bunch of the paper tickets needed to transact business. We just tossed all of that money into the trunk of my car, rather than wait for an armored vehicle to do the transfer, because we had to open.

    Yes, you can bet I sweated bullets driving back to the branch, hoping I didn't get rear-ended, as my trunck had a tendency to pop open all by itself at times, anyway.