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10 Responses

  1. Avatar Troy Hawkins says:

    With the fear of injury absent from my decision making process. I would take a Cave Diving expedition. I think it would be so exciting to see things no other human being has ever seen.

  2. Avatar karen says:

    With the promise of NOT being hurt/injured, I would climb Everest. I have always wanted to climb Everest. I believe at the top, you would experience a different outlook on life and love and maybe even have a better appreciation for the things in life we take for granted. So many have lost their lives climbing Everest. The top has got to be phenomenal, like the top of the world

  3. Avatar Robyn Slakey says:

    Sky dive probably. Of course I would have to jump out of the plane first and I don't know if I would chicken out at the door.

  4. Avatar Kelly Brewer says:

    Run with scissors.
    Sass my mama.
    Tug on Superman's cape.
    Spit into the wind.
    Pull the mask off the ol' Lone Ranger.
    Jump off a cliff with my friends.

  5. Avatar Magdalene says:

    I'm 62 and I'd love to tear around on a snowboard, dive or rope swing from high places into cool water, fly on small aircraft into remote areas of the world, bicycle in the Pyrenees, sail into exotic regions.
    As a chicken, I'm really missing out, aren't I! Maybe next year. 🙂

  6. Avatar Barbara Stone says:

    I used to love to cross country ski! Now, after a hip replacement, and still working on healing, I would love to be able to do it again.

  7. Avatar Erin Friedman says:

    Extol the virtues of Jim Croce in front of Phil Fountain. If I survived that….then I'd hang out with the mountain gorillas in the African Rift Valley.

  8. Avatar Grammalyn says:

    Go on an African safari. That would be a dream come true to see all the animals in their native habitats. For now, I'm good with the Wild Animal Park in San Diego….

  9. Avatar Toni says:

    Swim with whales.

    Canoe down the Amazon.

    Bungee Jump.

    Go Skiing in the Swiss Alps